Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Friday!

HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY loves! I hope you all had a good week and have fun weekends planned! This week flew by - it is so crazy that it is actually MARCH today! Where has this year gone? NO IDEA!! My sister's friends are visiting from Atlanta this weekend so we have a couple of things planned. Charlotte is hosting a huge conference this weekend so it is impossible to go uptown - almost all of the restaurants and bars are closed down for private parties & it is just a mess - you can't even go to the mall. We have to be a bit creative on where to take Natalie's friends but I am sure we will have fun regardless of what we do! I actually have to write 2 essays tomorrow for my last grad school apps - I have been slacking and putting them off but I need to get crack-a-lacking tomorrow and Sunday! I also need to fit in a massage somewhere in there a long with gym time. I bought the monthly massage package from Massage Envy and I have 2 pending massages already! Look out for new videos next week - I have so many beauty favorites that I want to include in my February Favorites as well as a fun video that I have been planning for a while now! :) 

I have been LOVING kale lately - I just sautee it with a tiny bit of EVOO & pepper and omg it is divine! With my usual grilled tilapia dinner :) 
 photo 25f69504814411e2a64d22000a9f1590_7_zpsc44494fa.jpg

starbucks drinks & matching totes :)
 photo c6ae4be8811911e2ade722000a1faea4_7_zps81940c85.jpg

A Bauble Bar necklace I had been lusting for finally got back in stock & I purchased it immediately! I can't wait to get it! Pave Tab Strand Necklace (grab it before it sells out again!!) - if you have been living under a rock or something & don't know what Bauble Bar is - it's basically every girls dream - accessories galore (all reasonably priced) - you can sign up and get started HERE (you also get money back every time you make a purchase to make a future purchase - it is the bomb) - I will definitely post a picture when I get it! 
 photo de522998810c11e283e322000a9f1948_7_zps2d974fb2.jpg

I THINK I found my next hair color - if you haven't been reading my blog for that much, you wouldn't know that I have been blonde ever since I was 17 and just decided to go darker in September of last year - I like being brunette, but I am missing having lighter hair so much! I don't want to go back to blonde blonde - I think this would be the perfect color for me - what do you guys think??
 photo 8b944d0281c611e2900e22000a1f96c7_7_zps84416b15.jpg

"Have a happy friday and a great weekend everyone" - Chloe
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  1. Look at that precious little furbaby OMG! So sweet! I am in LOVE with that pink sparkly bag! I want it!! I haven't done kale yet...never tried it but I keep hearing great things. I need to get on board. Happy Friday girl!

  2. I'm giggling because you and your dog will match!!

    But seriously, I love that hair color!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. Yay! Thanks for stopping by my blog and that kale looks WAY yummy!!! Happy Weekend!

  4. LOVE that necklace! I'll have to check out this BaubleBar *I'm currently under a big rock* lol

  5. Um HI CHLOE! You are the cutest nugget ever! Love the Bauble Bar necklace.. it's gorgeous! I'm gonna have to try and saute Kale soon! Happy Friday girl :)

  6. Okay finally just checked out Bauble Bar and LOVE. Totally don't need to know about this! Love the hair too. Do it!