Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hello & 30 Miles Check-In!

Hi everyone! I have missed you all! I always have a hard time finding time to blog when I am on a business trip - thank god for twitter & instagram so I am able to sort-of keep up! I will be in DC this weekend, and I am so excited - I only wish the weather would be better because it is going to be cold and rainy :( No matter what, I always have the best time with my friends!

I wanted to share my progress with Nikki's link-up 30 miles in 30 days!

I posted last week that I had been slacking a little, and I still haven't been able to find time to go every day, but I have kicked it up a notch! 

This week I have done: 
Saturday March 9: Walk back & forth to Harris Teeter to buy champagne (still counts right?) = 1 mile
Wednesday March 13: Eliptical on incline 6-8 for 30 min for 3 miles + leg work
Thursday March 14 (this morning): Blast 900 class for 45 minutes - the best workout class ever! Basically - be prepared to be on the verge of vomiting every minute, but it is totally worth it - mix of cardio (running, speed walking) and weights/strength training - 2 miles (def check them out if you live in ATL or Charleston - I wish we had one in charlotte!!)

TOTAL: 6 miles! 

 TOTAL SO FAR: 9.5 Miles

I definitely need to get my ass into gear if I want to complete the 30 mile challenge - I am a little behind, but not TOOO behind! Hope you are all having a great week!! xoxo


  1. That class sounds like a mix between awesomeness and hell. So glad you go some miles in. You're definitely not too behind. You can do this. And walking to buy champagne totally counts!

  2. "be on the verge of vomiting every minute" hahaha! Love that.

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