Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is over, but let's hope for a GREAT NEW YEAR!

the family celebrating Steph's birthday at Frontera

the three sisters at Pampas celebrating Steph's birthday again :)

I hope everyone had an AMAZING christmas/holidays! I know I did. I am so blessed to be surrounded by my family that I love and care for so much and that we are all healthy and safe. Honestly, that is the best gift that God can give me and I am forever grateful. However, Santa did bring me the thing I wanted the MOST - A GUITAR!! Yay!

I got a beautiful Fender acoustic guitar and I can't seem to put my guitar down - I was so excited I even broke a string the first day. Oops! I will most likely just teach myself and have the lovely Monica teach me Taylor Swift songs.. I can already play You Belong With Me, Untouchable, The Other Side of the Door, Fearless, and Our Song.

Crappy iPhone pic.. but still need to give my guitar it's proper photo-shoot.

Apart from that, I unfortunately got sick :( I have a sinus infection! I haven't been able to fully recuperate which sucks because tomorrow I am leaving for CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA for the official new years celebration. Monica, her twin Sonia, and the amazing Caitlin Warlock Hart are all coming to my condo in Charlotte to celebrate New Years. I already know it will be crazy and insane because every weekend with my girls is like that! Can't wait to wear my sparkly dress, pop some champagne, get my hair blown out, and take 1000 pictures AS ALWAYS! :) Celebrating at Mez this new year at the Epicentre in Charl.

Some Christmas Pictures:

natalie and me

the Sanchez girls

some of our little cousins (I need to get that date stamp off my mom's camera - so annoying!)

Some house pics: Me and my mom decorated

the centerpieces - we copied them from the St. Regis but I like ours better :)

Hope everyone has a safe, fun, and amazing new year. Here's to 2010 and making it the best year ever!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

another purchase..

Thanks to Emily's tweet earlier this week from http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/ - I found the perfect over the knee leather riding boots! They are the Steve Madden Ottowa Boot - got them 30% off with code COUNTDOWN30 and free rush shipping. I love how I am shopping for myself instead of x-mas shopping for the people I need to get gifts for! Buy the boot here. Going christmas shopping tonight! Thank god the mall closes at 10 pm!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

recent purchase..

So.. I am so ashamed to say I have NOT even started my christmas shopping.. I haven't even gotten a gift for my little sister's birthday which is 5 days from now :( But.. I couldn't resist bidding on this gorgeous vintage sequin dress (as if I needed more). I had a couple of options for new years.. but due to my overspending in NYC, I can't afford the dress from shopbop I was eyeing.. so instead I turned to eBay. (only $25!) Hopefully the dress fits!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Back from NYC!

Had the BEST time in NYC with all my friends. It's so great to see everyone at the same time and I even think we have more fun now that we all live so far apart. I fell in love with one particular school that has an AMAZING MBA Fashion Management program, but I really do not want to jinx it by saying anything. I have a lot to think about in relation to work and I also have to start taking GMAT classes. I have enjoyed not being in school but I definitely miss it!

Thursday was Mon and Sonia's birthday dinner at Philippe - delicious!

so happy to see my girls

lychee martinis of course!

birthday sparklers!

Saturday night was the twins' official party celebration at Norwood w/pregame at Mon's apt! I am happy I got to wear one of my favorite dresses I own.

Mon taught me some guitar skills.. a guitar is on my x-mas wishlist!

Sigma Kappas


my wonderful erin mulvey

Just wanted to share some pics. I am so excited for the holidays! Before NYC, I helped my mom do a lot of the christmas decorations all over the restaurants. This is my personal tree I did in my room. The colors are so pretty in real life! I will make an official post of all of our christmas decorations at the house when we are officially done, but here is the tree in my room!

Safe weekend to all!
- Pam