Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hi dolls! I've realized keeping a blog is hard work! I'm on the computer so much at work emailing, making spreadsheets, making letterheads, etc that by the end of the day, the last thing I want to look at when I get back home is the computer :) Also, with my iPad, it's easy to browse the easy sites like FB and twitter without actually getting on my laptop, but I promise to be better!

Here are some pics from my AMAZING trip to Vegas at the beginning of the month! I was there celebrating my best friend Monica and my wonderful friend (and Mon's twin) Sonia's 24th birthdays!

Monica aka Mon is an AMAZING friend and all around FANTASTIC person. SO lucky to have her in my life :) Mon's new blog is called shiny little closet - how cute right?
Mon and I share an extreme love and obsession with clothes, shoes and accessories, a hobby that definitely bonds us. She has the BEST style of anyone I know.. if only we were the same size! Darn. time to loose 85 lbs ;)

ghost bar at the palms
me, erin, and caitlin

pregaming with my besties & vintage sequin overload - worth
dress - vintage

twin sandwhich at stripper 101 class - mon and sonia made us all Real Housewives shirts - we are all obsessed with RHONJ and RHOA especially - my quote was "You're such a liar Dina!" - Jacqueline from RHONJ

red velvet cake for the twins bday!

mon and me!
Mon's dress - French Connection, My dress - Parker

loving life!
Mon's pumps - Sam Edleman, My pumps - Pour La Victoire

Erin and me!
Erin's dress - Velvet, Shoes - CL's

the girls!

balcony pics

I love my friends. these are my Sigma Kappa homegirls. SISTAS for life

Bottle service at TAO...

sonia, erin, me, mon and jake!

limo tour of vegas. with champagne = even better!

really happy at the venetian. such good feelings

sunday drunch
Mon: madison marcus top, e&j skirt, jeffery campbell glitter Litas
Me: Rebecca Taylor dress, Vince Camuto OTK boots, House of Harlow necklace, MK watch

drunch at simon.. SO FUN!

last night.. bottle service at LAVO. we had 9 people working for us.. it was awesome


goodnight, lovelies

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Happy Saturday lovelies! Just wanted to share some pictures from last weekend - my cousin Adabelle came to visit me from Atlanta and Monica decided to surprise me! I was so happy to have them both here, love them both to death!

Our official themesong of the weekend was this marvelous amazing creation of a song...

me and mon in her rented smart car - thought I was gonna die on the highway!

reunited with moni! <3

we love our jeffery campbell lita's!

me and addy! shots! we would

us three on the day of my friend gabby's birthday!
(ada in rebecca taylor, mon in vena cava for aqua, and me in rebecca taylor)

I love them! <3>

typical me!

full outfit pic

LOVE! I am smushing Haley

I have been trying to be good about spending money... I have both (2) my halloween costumes complete, can't wait to share pictures!
Hint: For one, I will be SHUTTING IT DOWN. For the other, I'll be brushing my teeth with some sort of alcohol...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

sunday funday!

Sundays are the best! This morning I woke up early and was feeling a bit productive. I skyped with my best friend Jimmy for a while and then headed to downtown Los Gatos and then Campbell to explore. The good thing about living in the bay area is that there are so many cute little towns to explore! Anyways, I thought I would share my Sunday through pictures!

my sunday shopping outfit - it was 85 degrees today! so hot!
free people t-shirt, juicy couture denim cutoffs, jcrew necklace

got this yummy salad at whole foods!

I've been searching everywhere for my beloved Shipyard pumpkin beer from Maine - seasonal - but I have NOT found it anywhere! found this one at whole foods - and it's pretty good!

bought this cute frame at TJmaxx homegoods - not sure where to hang it up!

stopped by Francesca's and picked up this bracelet and dress
very affordable clothes/accesories at Francesca's collection

and my FAVORITE purchase of the day - finally broke down and got a full length gorgeous mirror (from homegoods) - now I just have to hang it up!

outfit shots from the weekend

friday night - black karlie dress, calvin klein shoes, vintage fendi clutch, f21 necklace

saturday night - patterson j. kincaid blouse, juicy couture denim cutoffs, report wedge booties, vintage fendi clutch

enjoy the rest of your sunday! I love sundays because I get to watch kardashians, spin crowd, and of course DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!


Friday, October 8, 2010

SHOE obsessed!

Lately, I have been majorly obsessed with shoes!! When I moved to Cali, I felt like I was in a shoe rut for a while and when I finally started making money... I thought it was appropriate/needed to buy 4 pairs? LOL. No more shoes for me for a while! and they are all black... I need more variety in my life

these Jeffery Campbell LITA platform boots are on their lovely way to me, should get them by next week (shout-out to Mon! she bought them first, I copied her!)
Can't wait to wear these with everything (except to work...)
pretty good stock of the LITA boots here.

also got these Dolce Vita OTK suede bad boys at.... wait for it... MARSHALLS! I KNOW! I was shocked to find them too. These are comfortable and have a low heel so they are very day appropriate as well. Haven't been able to locate them online, but this is how I wore them! (with patterson j. kincaid dress) ((and meet my friends Leslie and Gabby!))

these I think *MAY* be my favorite? I'll decide when my LITA boots come but these are so hot! Calvin Klein. I got them at the Macy's sale, but you can get them at nordstrom.

and last but definitely not least, these are the ones I have used the most since I bough them. So comfy.. also purchased at Marshall's - brand is Report. I was looking for bootie-wedges - they look so cute with jeans and even dresses/shorts/anything!

Until next time my dears! It's Friday and work has been crazy as usual.. going out with my girls tonight. My parents are on their way to Spain to celebrate their birthday! SO JEALOUS! Have a blessed weekend!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm still here, bitches!!

I'm BACK!!!!! Haven't updated since April. It's October! Well, a lot has happened in the past 6 months. It's so funny to look at my last post because I was actually on my way to visit my sister in California for a week - I actually moved to Cali 2 months ago and live with my sister now! I knew I had a good feeling... I moved here for a job (not school) and I love it! Work is crazy, but I am learning so much and of course living in California is so amazing.
I'm back!!!