Sunday, October 10, 2010

sunday funday!

Sundays are the best! This morning I woke up early and was feeling a bit productive. I skyped with my best friend Jimmy for a while and then headed to downtown Los Gatos and then Campbell to explore. The good thing about living in the bay area is that there are so many cute little towns to explore! Anyways, I thought I would share my Sunday through pictures!

my sunday shopping outfit - it was 85 degrees today! so hot!
free people t-shirt, juicy couture denim cutoffs, jcrew necklace

got this yummy salad at whole foods!

I've been searching everywhere for my beloved Shipyard pumpkin beer from Maine - seasonal - but I have NOT found it anywhere! found this one at whole foods - and it's pretty good!

bought this cute frame at TJmaxx homegoods - not sure where to hang it up!

stopped by Francesca's and picked up this bracelet and dress
very affordable clothes/accesories at Francesca's collection

and my FAVORITE purchase of the day - finally broke down and got a full length gorgeous mirror (from homegoods) - now I just have to hang it up!

outfit shots from the weekend

friday night - black karlie dress, calvin klein shoes, vintage fendi clutch, f21 necklace

saturday night - patterson j. kincaid blouse, juicy couture denim cutoffs, report wedge booties, vintage fendi clutch

enjoy the rest of your sunday! I love sundays because I get to watch kardashians, spin crowd, and of course DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!



  1. your sunday was definitely more funday than mine.. loveyoumissyou pam!! :) slash i love your style.

  2. Fun weekend! Love your outfits as always and that mirror...TDF!

  3. Ahh what the frick?!! How much was that ring?! I want it!!

  4. Ahhh! You're wearing those swoon-worthy CK shoes. Yay! That mirror? LOVE. I've been playing the "should I?" game on one for the longest time ...

    Call Me Ishmael

  5. thanks girls!!

    Suzy: its actually a bracelet! only 18 dollars! I could always pick one up for you and send it to u!

  6. So cute!! looking great girl! I can't belive how close you are to me these days lol!

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