Friday, October 8, 2010

SHOE obsessed!

Lately, I have been majorly obsessed with shoes!! When I moved to Cali, I felt like I was in a shoe rut for a while and when I finally started making money... I thought it was appropriate/needed to buy 4 pairs? LOL. No more shoes for me for a while! and they are all black... I need more variety in my life

these Jeffery Campbell LITA platform boots are on their lovely way to me, should get them by next week (shout-out to Mon! she bought them first, I copied her!)
Can't wait to wear these with everything (except to work...)
pretty good stock of the LITA boots here.

also got these Dolce Vita OTK suede bad boys at.... wait for it... MARSHALLS! I KNOW! I was shocked to find them too. These are comfortable and have a low heel so they are very day appropriate as well. Haven't been able to locate them online, but this is how I wore them! (with patterson j. kincaid dress) ((and meet my friends Leslie and Gabby!))

these I think *MAY* be my favorite? I'll decide when my LITA boots come but these are so hot! Calvin Klein. I got them at the Macy's sale, but you can get them at nordstrom.

and last but definitely not least, these are the ones I have used the most since I bough them. So comfy.. also purchased at Marshall's - brand is Report. I was looking for bootie-wedges - they look so cute with jeans and even dresses/shorts/anything!

Until next time my dears! It's Friday and work has been crazy as usual.. going out with my girls tonight. My parents are on their way to Spain to celebrate their birthday! SO JEALOUS! Have a blessed weekend!


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  1. 1. You're awesome cause your name is Pamela (me too!)

    2. Those CK shoes rock so hard, it's not even funny.

    3. You have hydrangeas in the background of your pictures. Gasp. Thud. My favorite flowers.