Monday, June 27, 2011

vlog - better late then never

HI!! I filmed this vlog before Vegas but AT&T had a shut down on their internet so I was not able to post it before my trip! I am going to share pics as soon as possible - we had the TIME OF OUR LIVES in Vegas - it was so amazing.

But here is the vlog - one thing I can tell u is that those eyelashes we bought SUCKED! what can we say? we were fake eyelash virgins - so yes we definitely learned from our mistake - do not purchase eyelashes in bulk!! lol..

will post the vegas pictures later tonight or tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

miracle worker!

okay, well it doesn't really work "miracles" but close to it! if you are ever in need of shapewear to use under a tight dress, I found it for ya!!

Victoria's Secret Push-Up Slip $48

Necessity for Vegas? For sure!

also got myself this lovely pair of JS shoes - perfect for vegas. can't stop thinking about my trip! seriously so excited :)
Hope you had a great Tuesday :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Vegas Purchases Vlog!

happy friday loves! here to share a short shopping haul! Hope you like it!
um ignore my face the video stopped at HAHA... oh and also the necklaces are from Ibiss - not Aritzia!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Atlanta + A crapload of Pictures!

I've been MIA as always! I was in Atlanta for 5 days for my baby sister's high school graduation. I cannot believe she is going to college in the fall, she is still a little baby!! I refuse to believe that she is growing up ;) I had the BEST time in Atlanta. When you live so far away from home, all you want to do is spend time at home with your family and that is basically what I did! I did manage to have some fun.. I always do! And then we had my sister's graduation party on Sunday at one of my dad's restaurants - amazing party with amazing people, truly blessed to have the family that I do. Family is EVERYTHING :)

Sharing lots and lots and lots of pics :)
took the red-eye on wednesday night and thursday morning arrived home to these beautiful red roses in my room - my mom is always so thoughtful
ready for my sister's graduation!
rebecca taylor dress, DVF shoes
reunited with my cousin Adabelle!celebrating! absolut mandarin vodka soda + red wine = sleepy Saturday - Ada and I got a hotel in atlanta and drank this new three olives vodka - so yummy! tastes just like mountain dewlove my cousin!
Jake was nice enough to meet me out! SO GLAD I got to see him!!
classic bathroom pics, worth.
Sunday was my sister's party - we both wore pink - me in rebecca taylor and she wore a BCBG dress
me and addy
sister shot - funny because Natalie ALWAYS wears pink and this time she decided to wear blue. Do you guys think we look a like?
my sister and roomie! love her
hadn't been to my dad's steakhouse since before I moved to California - I devoured this steak.
BTW - If you are ever in the Atlanta area - go here - I promise you will not regret it - we are rated number 2 in Atlanta for Best Overall on Open Table.
and sadly - this is what happens when you go out of town! If you know me, you know about my horrid trips to home depot for work that I make weekly but I am determined to win back my mayorship!!
Last but not least - I will leave you with my current favorite song - even if you do not speak Spanish - the song is so sweet and I just love it!