Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Balance + my week so far!

My life is not too exciting these days. When I lived in California, I had a pretty intense job where I was an executive assistant to three people, the human resources manager, and basically did everything else no one else wanted to do. It was for a non-profit and the resources were limited but damn - I miss the hours! We never worked passed 5 and on Fridays we would leave around 4 - it was really awesome! I had so much time after work to fit in my workouts, cooking, cleaning and doing whatever else I wanted to! I moved back to the South to go back to work for my dad and I LOVE my job. I never dread going into work and I have the best coworkers and boss (my dad is not my direct boss). However, we work a lot - I am usually at the office until 6:30 or 7PM. My dad is a total workaholic and he wants all of us to be. He built this company completely by himself and he is my role model - I only wish I had his brain! My dad is the smartest person I know and I trust everything he says and does. It is definitely hard sometimes working for you dad and trying to maintain your own identity, but I know and have realized how lucky I am to be able to not only have a job that I love, but also that I have the ability to grow the business and help my dad in any way I can. 

This brings me to my current situation - graduate school - more specifically - MBA. Those words are kind of intimidating, but I am currently applying to MBA schools where I would start in the Fall. I am planning on doing my MBA full time at a top MBA school. If you know me, you know how ADD I am. I have a hard time concentrating and I do not know how people have a full time job AND go to school at night. Where does their life go?? I would not be able to do that. I need my "me" time! 

I have been finding it hard to balance working, studying for my GMAT, writing my applications, fitting in daily workouts, and of course blogging and YouTube! Not to mention, seeing my friends and having some fun! I know its common to be stressed and everyone deals with these issues but sometimes I have issues with making the right priorities. My good friend Heather and I have been working out together and it has been awesome to have the support and common goal with her. It also makes working out more fun if you do it with someone else! 

Tomorrow, I am heading to NYC to spend the weekend there celebrating my best friends' birthday! My favorite twinies - Mon & Sonia - will be truning 26 and they always throw the most amazing birthday parties. I am seriously always more excited for their birthday than mine! I think a weekend with my girls is the perfect thing I need to get me re-focused. My exam is December 15 and then my applications are due in January so I may be a little MIA over the course of these next two months - believe me - I do not want to be MIA and I will still post when I can! :) 

It really means a lot to me when people read my blog & it is crazy how many friends I have made through blogging. So thank you for reading!

So anyways.... my week so far - 

headed to Ulta yesterday after work to pick up some goodies for NYC! Eyelashes are a must! My favorites are by Katy Perry! I also picked up this lorac lipgloss set - they are amazing and only $25 for the set and they are full sized glosses - OBSESSED! 

clean eating! 1 egg + egg whites, 1/4 avocado, steamed broccoli, and some sauteed veggies - I was so hungry after Heather and I did our workout yesterday - we had to combine 2 days since I will be gone over the weekend so we did our interval run, biceps, triceps AND legs! Sore today but not as bad as last week! 

I have been so into rap lately - Snapbacks & Tattoos anyone? This made me crack up 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Don't you LOVE a good deal?

I am really sorry I did not get a cyber monday or black friday post up but hopefully you were able to score some amazing deals over the past week! Like I stated in my previous post, I am not a big black Friday shopper but come Cyber Monday - it is SO hard to resist the sales! Literally every single email I recieved had an amazing deal attached to it. I am pretty proud of myself for only getting 2 items & I did not purchase them until late last night from Nine West. Fortunately - the deal is still going on!! And both of these are already on sale so YAY!

No code necessary - buy one get 20% off, buy 2 or more get 30% off! 

I bought these two because they are both good for work or play! 

What did you pick up during Cyber Monday??

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Re-Cap!

I don't know if it's just me, but I always feel so rejuvenated after a relaxing weekend! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I definitely did - my family and I always spend it with our family friends & it is awesome bc not only is the food AMAZING but we don't have to cook at all! LOL! My mom would not know the first thing about cooking a turkey and I am definitely in the same boat #mexicanproblems. 

new holiday touches in my room

like owner like dog

Thanksgiving!! My sister Natalie was in Ohio with her boyfriend so that's why she is not in our pictures :)

red lips for thanksgiving (thank you revlon lip butter in red velvet!)


my outfit - COH avedon jeggings in black, Nordstrom Top, Ann Taylor necklace, Vince Camuto Booties



hayyy champagne! 

If you can believe it.. I DID NOT go black friday shopping! I did go to the mall to help my mom pick up an outfit and later went to f21 but I did not go at any crazy hours or pick up even anything on sale! Friday night, I ended up going out with my cousin and her bf and we met up with some friends! 



Saturday was spent GMAT studying and then at night, my sister and I went to one of our Mexican restaurants! I hadn't had it in so long and it was so good

you know you are mexican when you like michelada's! 

Yesterday - my dad and I drove back to Charlotte and we had the WORST traffic ever! Our drive was almost 7 hours instead of the normal 3.5 - I had never been happier to get out of the damn car! I have a short week this week (lucky) since I will be flying to NYC thursday night for my best friends' birthday!!! :) Hope you all have a wonderful monday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Haul Time! Tobi, Tory Burch, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Shoemint!

Happy almost Thanksgiving lovelies! I am so excited for tomorrow and perhaps some black friday shopping? This is my latest haul video - kind of collective with some stuff from as well as some random things from Tory Burch, Nordstrom, Shoemint, and Bloomingdales! 

Join Shoemint HERE - new members usually get 50% their first order so it's a GREAT deal! 

Tory Burch Gold Bangle  (on sale!!)

Join Tobi - all new members get 50% off their first order (its awesome!) - Click HERE to join! :)

Some of the stuff I ordered is sold out since items tend to sell out fast on tobi but here are the ones I could find! 

Happy Black Friday shopping - I will post the Black Friday codes here & on my twitter so make sure you are following me @yesitis_kevin !! 

Love you all!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shop Now: Shopbop - The Big Event!

You know the Holiday season is in full effect when every e-mail you open has SALE! SALE! SALE! splattered across it. When that email comes from Shopbop - you know you gotta act fast! Shopbop has sporadic codes throughout the year but they never last that long and coveted items tend to out of stock. I have to save money for my upcoming NYC trip and for Christmas gifts - but if not - this is what I would have my eyes on...

Enter BIGEVENT12 to save...

My Shopbop Picks! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap!

I hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend! Short week this week woo hoo! I am so excited for Thanksgiving - I will be heading to GA early Thursday morning and staying there all weekend. I have some busy weeks coming up - next weekend I will be heading to NYC because my bestie twins Mon & Sonia will be celebrating their birthday! I haven't been to NYC for fun in such a long time - I am excited to be there when the city is so pretty and decorated for Christmas!! I also am re-taking my GMAT exam on the 15th of December - so the free time I do have will be spent studying! All of my applications are due in January so as soon as I am done with my exam, I will quickly move on to my applications. Busy December but I hope the hard work will pay off & will hopefully be starting my MBA come fall 2013!

Friday night - my friend Heather and I worked out for 2 hours doing weights and intense cardio intervals - I could not move all of Saturday and then we did it again yesterday! We are doing a lean muscle plan - I am in so much pain today again but it is all worth it! 

I have been trying to stick to my diet - it is so easy to slack off sometimes but I am going to try to keep it up! 

grilled tilapia, zucchini sauteed in olive oil, and some brown rice 

Made this bomb chicken last night - Balsamic Chicken & Asparagus - it was awesome!

looking at some old pictures - my grandmother is GORGEOUS! 

spoiled Chloe doin her thang

got this gorgeous Tory Burch bangle on sale over the weekend!! It's on sale on her website too - Tory Burch Bangle 

Only outfit picture I took this weekend - Free People Top, J Crew Pixie pants, Vince Camuto Winchell Boots!

last but not least... wish me luck! 

Here's to a short week and the official start of the Holiday season!!! :) 

Friday, November 16, 2012

What to Wear for Thanksgiving!

First of all - HAPPY FRIDAY! Second of all...ladies - Thanksgiving is NEXT THURSDAY. If that doesn't seem crazy enough - Christmas is only 38 days away! The holiday season is my favorite part of the year! In my family, Christmas is always a dressier event (we usually celebrate with all of our family on Christmas Eve in our best holiday wear & then Christmas day is spent in PJs!), but Thanksgiving is always a pretty casual event - yet of course still put together/cute! Each year, I think about what I am going to wear & I have to put the day into perspective. Why yes I want to look cute, but I also do not want to feel uncomfortable at all - on the contrary - I will be stuffing my face with the best food on earth - Jeans are a NO-NO! Let me introduce you to my best friend - the J Crew Pixie Pants. I have talked about them many times on my blog - they are the best pair of pants I own! They are a black pant/semi-legging that make your legs look awesome while being extremely comfortable - I suggest you definitely invest in a pair!

Pair these babies with a comfy sweater + some nice booties or boots and you are GOLDEN!


J Crew Pixie Pants = my life, I cannot tell you how much these ROCK.
Tobi Funnel Neck Sweater = on my way to my house as we speak (aka I really will wear this for thanksgiving!)
Forever 21 Contrast Triangles Sweater = such a cute sweater!
Vince Camuto Brooklee Boots = the pair I will wear on Thanksgiving
Nine West Haywire Bootie  = these have been on my wishlist for quite a while, I think I need them? 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Sephora F&F Haul!

Here is my Sephora haul from the friends&family sale a couple of weeks ago! I put this video up last week but I am just now sharing it on my blog! I have been LOVING the Lorac palette - the matte colors are awesome & so pigmented! Also loving the YSL lipstick and the creme de rose - they are worth the money!


Please let me know if you would like individual reviews on any of these items! :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Re-cap!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was in Atlanta since last Thursday attending a conference for graduate school and I had an amazing time getting to know the school and meeting some great friends! 

celebrating election night! 

amazing dinner at our steakhouse Pampas Steakhouse - had not been in so long! I may be biased but we are the number one rated steakhouse in ZAGAT!! :) Our executive chef is from Peru so his ceviche is TO DIE FOR! & I had the king salmon - amazing as well!

momma and me :) 

my new friend ale and I! 

showing new friends around ATL - centennial park

Saturday night OOTN! Wildfox sweater & Aritzia leather shorts! 

Have a great weekend everyone!! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Regardless of who you vote for, there is no denying how amazing it is that we have the RIGHT & FREEDOM to vote in our wonderful country. Exercise your right to vote - it is one of the greatest rights we have as Americans - a right that MANY others around the world are denied. My heritage is Mexican and my first language was Spanish, but I SURE AM FREAKING PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! 

just voted :) 

Happy Election Day!! And may the odds be ever in your favor....

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap!

Hey y'all! It's Monday again - but at least we got that extra hour of sleep - I was so rested when I woke up this morning! I was fighting off a migraine all day yesterday so I did not really do anything on Sunday. Friday - I went out with my friends after work. Saturday - I somehow managed to drag myself to Flywheel and it was such a hard class! Maybe the redbull vodkas from the night before had something to do with it.... After - my sister and I had lunch and shopped a little. I took a long nap and then we had sushi - it was so good! Felt so great to have a relaxing weekend - I have a crazy week coming up! 

friday night = party night! 


no idea where we found these? 



and then I hated taking pictures the rest of the weekend - bad blogger - oh well! :x 

Have a great week everyone! Stay tuned for some fun videos this week! :) 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Favorites!

FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Linking up with the resurrected FRIDAY FAVES from Lindsey at The Bargain Blonde! :) 

Seriously obsessed with THIS BREAKFAST! I stole this idea from my boss - who is around my parents age and she is the healthiest person I know - she is a yogi and she just eats so healthy! It's very inspiring and she is my travel companion so we always hit the gym together and eat yummy healthy things while we travel. She eats greek yogurt with berries every morning and I have started doing the same! I don't know what it is about NC but we have the WORST PRODUCE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. Raspberries & blueberries last about 2 days AT THE MOST. IN THE FRIDGE! It is so frustrating but my boss told me she just gets the frozen berries and just heats them up in the microwave for a couple of seconds - it is sooo good to have fresh yummy cold berries with your yogurt! I have been getting mine at Target - the dark pitted cherries are my absolute favorite! 



been loving this greek yogurt bc it comes in really small containers I can actually finish! 

You guys know I love me some T. Swift - I haven not listened to anything but her new album since it came out - it is definitely different from her past stuff and not country at all but I love it! My favorites are State of Grace, Treacherous, 22, The Last Time, The Lucky One, Everything Has Changed, and Starlight! :)


Last but NOT least...

I am SO obsessed with Flywheel - it is such a great workout - I am IN LOVE with it. It is intense cardio but I love the vibe - the studio is so nice and clean - Check out their website here to see if they have any near you - I highly recommend it & the first class is always free!


If you missed my post yesterday - I shared my October beauty favorites & they are all such great products I am loving!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Beauty Favorites Video!

It blows my mind that it is November 1st - seriously where the hell did this year go? I can almost smell our Thanksgiving feast! I have a lot of great beauty products that I recommend in this video - let me know if you have any questions or want me to do a more in-depth review! I feel like I look so tired and gross here and the lighting is pretty bad but make sure you watch in HD. I am investing in lighting ASAP! :)

3. Skylark Lipgloss in Sophia - You can only buy these in a set with the Ava color & it is on sale right now for $19!
4. Revlon Lip Butters in Red Velvet, Pink Truffle, and Berry Smoothie
6. The Body Shop - Brazil Nut Body Scrub (I think this is sold out online but you can find the other scents at The Body Shop)
9. Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Nourishing Shampoo Damage & Color Repair
10. Pantene Pro V Moisture Whip

Thanks for watching! :)