Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Balance + my week so far!

My life is not too exciting these days. When I lived in California, I had a pretty intense job where I was an executive assistant to three people, the human resources manager, and basically did everything else no one else wanted to do. It was for a non-profit and the resources were limited but damn - I miss the hours! We never worked passed 5 and on Fridays we would leave around 4 - it was really awesome! I had so much time after work to fit in my workouts, cooking, cleaning and doing whatever else I wanted to! I moved back to the South to go back to work for my dad and I LOVE my job. I never dread going into work and I have the best coworkers and boss (my dad is not my direct boss). However, we work a lot - I am usually at the office until 6:30 or 7PM. My dad is a total workaholic and he wants all of us to be. He built this company completely by himself and he is my role model - I only wish I had his brain! My dad is the smartest person I know and I trust everything he says and does. It is definitely hard sometimes working for you dad and trying to maintain your own identity, but I know and have realized how lucky I am to be able to not only have a job that I love, but also that I have the ability to grow the business and help my dad in any way I can. 

This brings me to my current situation - graduate school - more specifically - MBA. Those words are kind of intimidating, but I am currently applying to MBA schools where I would start in the Fall. I am planning on doing my MBA full time at a top MBA school. If you know me, you know how ADD I am. I have a hard time concentrating and I do not know how people have a full time job AND go to school at night. Where does their life go?? I would not be able to do that. I need my "me" time! 

I have been finding it hard to balance working, studying for my GMAT, writing my applications, fitting in daily workouts, and of course blogging and YouTube! Not to mention, seeing my friends and having some fun! I know its common to be stressed and everyone deals with these issues but sometimes I have issues with making the right priorities. My good friend Heather and I have been working out together and it has been awesome to have the support and common goal with her. It also makes working out more fun if you do it with someone else! 

Tomorrow, I am heading to NYC to spend the weekend there celebrating my best friends' birthday! My favorite twinies - Mon & Sonia - will be truning 26 and they always throw the most amazing birthday parties. I am seriously always more excited for their birthday than mine! I think a weekend with my girls is the perfect thing I need to get me re-focused. My exam is December 15 and then my applications are due in January so I may be a little MIA over the course of these next two months - believe me - I do not want to be MIA and I will still post when I can! :) 

It really means a lot to me when people read my blog & it is crazy how many friends I have made through blogging. So thank you for reading!

So anyways.... my week so far - 

headed to Ulta yesterday after work to pick up some goodies for NYC! Eyelashes are a must! My favorites are by Katy Perry! I also picked up this lorac lipgloss set - they are amazing and only $25 for the set and they are full sized glosses - OBSESSED! 

clean eating! 1 egg + egg whites, 1/4 avocado, steamed broccoli, and some sauteed veggies - I was so hungry after Heather and I did our workout yesterday - we had to combine 2 days since I will be gone over the weekend so we did our interval run, biceps, triceps AND legs! Sore today but not as bad as last week! 

I have been so into rap lately - Snapbacks & Tattoos anyone? This made me crack up 

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I love all the goodies you picked up! I am expecting my BF Sephora haul in the mail today and I cannot wait!

  2. Might have to try some of those lashes!!!


  3. Have the best time in New York!! Try not to stress too much, you will ace your exam I'm sure!!!


    Five Minute Style 

  4. I really want to try those Katy Perry lashes!!

    You are one busy lady Pam! Good luck on the GMATs!

    Sparkle and Curl

  5. You can do it! I definitely understand the stress/crazy busy-ness! But you can do it, and at least you are able to fit all the things in, even if it's hard. I'm failing at getting my work outs in, and barely get all the chores done each day. Then again, a military wife + mom who is applying for a full time job? I pretty much gave up on getting it all done for now, and add one small thing at a time.