Tuesday, August 30, 2011

nomading around

hello dolls! I have been traveling up and down the east coast ever since I came back from California! I got to experience both the earthquake and the "hurricane" in NYC. Just wanted to pop in and say hello! I will be back to regular posting and sharing pictures once I am settled in Charlotte :)

Love you all!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vlog: Another shopping haul!

I know you all want to see another shopping haul!! This one shows my latest finds from Francesca's Collection, Marshall's, F21, and Foreign Exchange (aka my new favorite store).
Enjoy :)

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where I Shop: Francesca's Collection

One of my favorite stores is Francesca's Collection. If you have never been to one - stop reading - go to their website's Find A Boutique and see if there is one close to you! You will not regret it - I don't think I have ever gone in without buying at least one thing. They also have an online store (however I think the store has a better variety). I used to think it was just a southern thing, but I discovered that they have it here in Cali! Looks like they have been expanding a lot - which is like totally amazing in this economy! They have amazing prices (not as cheap as f21 but the quality of the clothing and accessories is much better!) and their pieces are just unique and so pretty!

Francesca's is a mix of clothing, amazing accessories, shoes, and they even sell gifts like candles and fun other gifts if you ever need to buy a present for your friend!

I am planning on filming a shopping haul tomorrow showing my latest purchases from this amazing store - but in the meantime - here are some of my favorite items they currently have on their website :) Also FYI - I would say their prices run comparable to the Nordstrom BP section.

gorgeous pink bracelet - great for layering!
the perfect blouse for fall - didn't see this in store if not I would have gotten it. How cute would it look with some jeggings and brown riding boots?
don't you LOVE THIS? I sure do.. I bought it! The quality in person is amazing (I hate things that look cheap!!) and for $44... it's just such a great steal - the color is way more vibrant in person too
it also comes in this gorgeous coral color
I am so into necklaces like this.. so gorgeous!
buy this now and wear it in the fall with tights, boots and a blazer!
same goes for this dress
in love with this bag
striped skirt - so gorgeous just paired with heels and a simple black shirt
all photos taken from francescascollection.com

let me know if you guys like francesca's!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Healthy Eating: Grocery Haul Video from Whole Foods

Hello loves! For a while now I have wanted to introduce a healthy eating/lifestyle portion into the blog. This is something that I enjoy learning about as much as shopping and fashion and it is a big part of my life since I drastically changed my eating and work out habits in January. I have never ever been an unhealthy person, but I come from a family of restauranteurs and foodies. My father owns restaurants and he has always taken me and my family to the best restaurants all over the world. I love food and I love to cook, but one thing I had to realize and face is that food is just food. It is fuel for your body. Yes it is okay to indulge every now and then - you better believe when I move back home I am having a steak from our steakhouse with steak fries and anything else I want. I am not lucky to be one of those people that can eat whatever I want. I really have to watch my weight and workout consistently to be where I want to be. I have lost 20 lbs since January and I am so happy. I still enjoy life, I cheat on the weekends and I still drink (no way in hell I would ever give that up)

But anyway - here is a sneak peak into what I buy at the grocery store. Whole Foods is amazing but it tends to be on the pricier side. I usually shop at either safeway or trader joes for most of my protein and vegetables.
A good thing that my trainer taught me is to not buy ANY bad food at the store - that way when you crave something bad - well... you don't have anything bad to eat! haha. Some good healthy snacks are roasted unsalted almonds, lowfat string cheese, hummus, hard boiled eggs, greek yogurt, and fruit like apples and bananas.
sorry i couln't fit the video properly but you can view it in full size or go directly to the youtube link :)

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