Monday, November 30, 2009

Excited for this week!

From Left: My sisters Stephanie and Natalie, me, my mom, and my dad at the top!

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and Holiday Weekend. I know I enjoyed sleeping in and being able to enjoy the sunshine! That's the good thing about living in the South - the weather! Wednesday night after work - the whole family went to Pampas Steakhouse, one of my dad's restaurants (and my favorite restaurant ever I might add).

Thursday we went over to our family friends' house - the Tutons. We always celebrate Thanksgiving with them seeing as though we are Mexican and my mom wouldn't know the first thing about making a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Mrs. Christine is the best cook in the world! I swear I look forward to that meal all year. At her house we had some failed attempts in taking christmas pictures. We all look pale and awkward. :)

Friday - we had a family workout with our trainer, Earl, who kicked our butts as always! I have been training with him for a month and I love it! I love the results and the way my body is changing.. I have never worked out consistently before and I am a workout fanatic now. I crave working out when I miss a day.. I never thought I would say that! Anyway, after the workout me and my parents headed to Houston's - my dad's favorite restaurant and after me and my mom braved the Black Friday crowds (yes, we are crazy). Unfortunately, we didn't find any good deals.. I ended up getting a couple of cute things at Madewell and some makeup from Sephora.

Saturday started off great! I caught up on some of my tv and went running around my neighborhood in the gorgeous weather. Saturday was the day of the GA/GA Tech game and we lost! :( It was so sad.. I am still upset.. but hopefully the Jackets will redeem themselves at the ACC championship this weekend against Clemson!

This week is so exciting for me. I leave Wednesday night to NYC! I will be up there until next Wednesday celebrating the wonderful Monica Anand's birthday as well as her twin sisters'! I will also be visiting some fashion schools. I am beyond excited. So ready to shop the hell out of Topshop/vintage stores! YAY!

Have a good week!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One of my favorite movies...

My Neighbor Totoro:

One of the CUTEST and Happiest movies ever made.

- Pam

Monday, November 16, 2009

Boston Birthdays!

I had one of the best weekends of my life. Boston was amazing! It is such a great happy feeling to be reunited with all of your close friends especially when it is so rare for everyone to be together. It's weird that we all used to be able to hang out every single weekend. Now we all have to take planes/trains/buses to be able to meet up somewhere. And it was definitely odd being in Boston and not living there. Such a weird feeling! Also - the weather was surprisingly good except for the rain which tends to turn my hair into the hair of Hermionie Granger's. However, it didn't really affect me this time which is GOOD! :) The new W hotel on Stuart St. was AMAZING. I think it's my favorite W I have stayed at. Incredible customer service, cool bar, and such comfy beds! The good news is that we will all actually be reunited VERY soon for the wonderful Monica's birthday at the beginning of December in NYC. I am so excited to go back to NYC and spend a week there (I am also taking this opportunity to tour my top fashion school choices!). I was definitely sad leaving Boston but the good thing is that I have so many fun things coming up. New Moon comes out on Thursday! And my little sister Natalie comes home from California on Saturday! Cannot wait to see her - I miss her so much.

Wanted to share a bunch of pictures from the weekend!

Reunited with my loves at the W

Me and Moni!

honored to be with the one and only FSC Caitlin Hart

traditional bathroom pics.. we would

getting to the point of weird faces. loves it

W hotel photo-shoot! Isn't the lobby so cool?

the stair photo-shoot! so happy to be able to hug Jimmy!

.... lol

my love <3>

pretty much sums up the night

Saturday night was The Donkey Show at Oberon - by the American Repertory Theater (where Mr. Wetzel works I am so proud of him!)

champagne! and the back of my dress :)

me and mon on the dance floor! so much fun!

.. and dancing on the stage!

just dance!

so much fun!

then, we headed over to MKT to join in celebrating Erin's birthday as well. It was a ton of fun and great to see everyone! Although, I got in trouble bc I took my shoes off for a hot second :(

aww :)

Have a good week everyone! :)

- Pam

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Some pictures from this weekend. Went to the GA Tech vs. Wakeforest game. Thanks to my lovely cousin Adabelle, who goes to tech, we were able to sit in the student section (while pulling some swift maneuvers). Tech WON! yay! Cannot wait for the UGA/GA Tech game.. I have a very strong feeling that we are going to kill UGA! :) Afterwards, we had dinner at Stats - a new restaurant in ATL owned by the same people who own Two Urban Licks, One Midtown Kitchen, etc. The food itself was pretty good (I had some delicious spicy wings and a veggie sandwich) but the service was SO SLOW! I would try it again though - I think the service was just slow due to the fact that there was only 1 waiter in an entire huge section and the tech game had just finished. After dinner, Adabelle came home with us along with her ADORABLE new puppy Teddy! She just adopted him from the humane society, he is a Pekingese (like our dog Coco).

On Sunday, we went to Frontera Mex-Mex Grill and had some cheese dip! YUM! Overall, pretty lazy weekend in preparation for my festivities in Boston this weekend. Cannot wait! I leave Friday after work and come home Sunday night. I think its going to be one of those weekends I will want to relive! :)

Things to look forward to this week:
- Going to see Precious tomorrow with Adabelle and our moms
- Going to Cirque du Soleil - Cavalia on Thursday!

... and I have to pack for Boston! YAY!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I miss my lovely little baby Jimmy!

I am so excited to see Jimmy and Erin when I go to Boston next weekend. I can't believe my friends are going to turn 23. We are so old! I miss Boston so much, but not as much as I miss them. Can't wait to see them!

Me and James have wanted to create a blog for so long. So, hello!