Monday, November 30, 2009

Excited for this week!

From Left: My sisters Stephanie and Natalie, me, my mom, and my dad at the top!

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and Holiday Weekend. I know I enjoyed sleeping in and being able to enjoy the sunshine! That's the good thing about living in the South - the weather! Wednesday night after work - the whole family went to Pampas Steakhouse, one of my dad's restaurants (and my favorite restaurant ever I might add).

Thursday we went over to our family friends' house - the Tutons. We always celebrate Thanksgiving with them seeing as though we are Mexican and my mom wouldn't know the first thing about making a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Mrs. Christine is the best cook in the world! I swear I look forward to that meal all year. At her house we had some failed attempts in taking christmas pictures. We all look pale and awkward. :)

Friday - we had a family workout with our trainer, Earl, who kicked our butts as always! I have been training with him for a month and I love it! I love the results and the way my body is changing.. I have never worked out consistently before and I am a workout fanatic now. I crave working out when I miss a day.. I never thought I would say that! Anyway, after the workout me and my parents headed to Houston's - my dad's favorite restaurant and after me and my mom braved the Black Friday crowds (yes, we are crazy). Unfortunately, we didn't find any good deals.. I ended up getting a couple of cute things at Madewell and some makeup from Sephora.

Saturday started off great! I caught up on some of my tv and went running around my neighborhood in the gorgeous weather. Saturday was the day of the GA/GA Tech game and we lost! :( It was so sad.. I am still upset.. but hopefully the Jackets will redeem themselves at the ACC championship this weekend against Clemson!

This week is so exciting for me. I leave Wednesday night to NYC! I will be up there until next Wednesday celebrating the wonderful Monica Anand's birthday as well as her twin sisters'! I will also be visiting some fashion schools. I am beyond excited. So ready to shop the hell out of Topshop/vintage stores! YAY!

Have a good week!


  1. I didn't know you had a blog! Very cute! I always love your outfits.

  2. thanks amber! I just recently started it!