Monday, November 16, 2009

Boston Birthdays!

I had one of the best weekends of my life. Boston was amazing! It is such a great happy feeling to be reunited with all of your close friends especially when it is so rare for everyone to be together. It's weird that we all used to be able to hang out every single weekend. Now we all have to take planes/trains/buses to be able to meet up somewhere. And it was definitely odd being in Boston and not living there. Such a weird feeling! Also - the weather was surprisingly good except for the rain which tends to turn my hair into the hair of Hermionie Granger's. However, it didn't really affect me this time which is GOOD! :) The new W hotel on Stuart St. was AMAZING. I think it's my favorite W I have stayed at. Incredible customer service, cool bar, and such comfy beds! The good news is that we will all actually be reunited VERY soon for the wonderful Monica's birthday at the beginning of December in NYC. I am so excited to go back to NYC and spend a week there (I am also taking this opportunity to tour my top fashion school choices!). I was definitely sad leaving Boston but the good thing is that I have so many fun things coming up. New Moon comes out on Thursday! And my little sister Natalie comes home from California on Saturday! Cannot wait to see her - I miss her so much.

Wanted to share a bunch of pictures from the weekend!

Reunited with my loves at the W

Me and Moni!

honored to be with the one and only FSC Caitlin Hart

traditional bathroom pics.. we would

getting to the point of weird faces. loves it

W hotel photo-shoot! Isn't the lobby so cool?

the stair photo-shoot! so happy to be able to hug Jimmy!

.... lol

my love <3>

pretty much sums up the night

Saturday night was The Donkey Show at Oberon - by the American Repertory Theater (where Mr. Wetzel works I am so proud of him!)

champagne! and the back of my dress :)

me and mon on the dance floor! so much fun!

.. and dancing on the stage!

just dance!

so much fun!

then, we headed over to MKT to join in celebrating Erin's birthday as well. It was a ton of fun and great to see everyone! Although, I got in trouble bc I took my shoes off for a hot second :(

aww :)

Have a good week everyone! :)

- Pam

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