Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Don't you LOVE a good deal?

I am really sorry I did not get a cyber monday or black friday post up but hopefully you were able to score some amazing deals over the past week! Like I stated in my previous post, I am not a big black Friday shopper but come Cyber Monday - it is SO hard to resist the sales! Literally every single email I recieved had an amazing deal attached to it. I am pretty proud of myself for only getting 2 items & I did not purchase them until late last night from Nine West. Fortunately - the deal is still going on!! And both of these are already on sale so YAY!

No code necessary - buy one get 20% off, buy 2 or more get 30% off! 

I bought these two because they are both good for work or play! 

What did you pick up during Cyber Monday??


  1. I had to greatly restrain myself yesterday and void all computers. SO HARD. Love those shoes, lady!

  2. I'm totally with you! I can make it through black friday with no problem... Cyber Monday? Tempting emails in my inbox? It's just too hard! LOVE your blog and can't wait to follow along!

    It's an Easy Life