Saturday, October 23, 2010


Happy Saturday lovelies! Just wanted to share some pictures from last weekend - my cousin Adabelle came to visit me from Atlanta and Monica decided to surprise me! I was so happy to have them both here, love them both to death!

Our official themesong of the weekend was this marvelous amazing creation of a song...

me and mon in her rented smart car - thought I was gonna die on the highway!

reunited with moni! <3

we love our jeffery campbell lita's!

me and addy! shots! we would

us three on the day of my friend gabby's birthday!
(ada in rebecca taylor, mon in vena cava for aqua, and me in rebecca taylor)

I love them! <3>

typical me!

full outfit pic

LOVE! I am smushing Haley

I have been trying to be good about spending money... I have both (2) my halloween costumes complete, can't wait to share pictures!
Hint: For one, I will be SHUTTING IT DOWN. For the other, I'll be brushing my teeth with some sort of alcohol...

Have a wonderful weekend!

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