Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Friday + New Beauty Video!

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! I am so thankful that this week has flown by! My eye is FINALLY better (still a little red, but mostly gone) & I never want that to happen to me again! It seriously took 14 days to look even remotely normal. I am completely cured of my sinus infection & definitely will not be skipping out on my vitamin C ever again!

My best friend Monica landed last night in Charlotte! I just saw her a couple of weeks ago in DC, but it is always so great to spend time with her! Our other best friend, Erin is landing this morning, and we have a really fun weekend planned! Both Erin & Mon are in grad school (Erin is in medical school & Mon is doing a doctoral program in clinical psychology) - so yea, I have smart friends. It also means I don't get to see them THAT much - Erin lives in New York and Mon in DC. I have mentioned this before on my blog, but because I went to college in Boston & then lived in California, all of my friends live all over the country! It is hard to not be able to see them as much as I would like, but it also makes that reunion so much better! I lived with Monica my sophomore & junior years of college and with Erin our senior year, so we are all extremely close. I am so lucky to have both of them in my life :) 
 photo jhgjk_zpsd3564d11.png

I uploaded a new beauty video where I show products I have used up/mini reviews of each - basically showing you my trash.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Lovely photos!!
    Hope you have a great day!



  2. Have such a fun weekend!!!! And wait a sec...where'd you go to school in Boston?!