Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Lil Throwback Thursday Action

Hate it or love it - THROWBACK THURSDAY is definitely a THING. I embrace it rather than hate it - I like looking at people as babies or as crazy college kids. 

Check out the Sanchez sisters serious fashion sense!
 photo Untitled-1_zps1e7f1181.png

The family picture is Easter many a year ago, but obviously poofy bangs were a thing that year (for women and men apparently) - I am not sure why I was mad, but it's so funny! The second is Natalie's First Communion - us Mexicans go all out - it is usually like a mini wedding, and hers was no exception. I remember I had a fight with my mom because she wanted to dress me in a poofy dress and I wanted to dress like Cher from Clueless (you can't see my knee socks) - not very church appropriate. Not sure how I won that argument - my poor mom! (BTW - I am 12 there! I have not grown an inch since I was 12) The third is us after a long day at Disney - I am wearing some mesh/windbreaker contraption and also in a wheelchair. Don't ask about the wheelchair. I am also so camera ready in this picture - I was ready for instagram back in the 90s bitch.

Next time I am home, I need to dig up more of these priceless gems!

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  1. hahaha lovee throwback pics. they make me happy. my fave line "us Mexicans go all out" you are funny.

  2. Hahah I love old pictures. Sometimes my friends and I just sit and ask ourselves "WHAT THE FUCK?" about hair cuts and clothes. At the time though you feel SO stylin'. I'm just like - what will i think of the outfit im wearing right now in 5 years? Scary! haha

  3. Awesome! I love looking at pictures like this...makes me wonder what we were thinking as a society when we thought this stuff was "cool!" Crazy how things change from one decade to another! Thanks for sharing these fab pics =)

  4. Love the poofy bangs, even dad rocked them! So cute to see family pics from back in the day :)