Friday, March 22, 2013

Where have I been? Update!

If you have ever had a sinus infection and a broken blood vessel in your eye - you might know how terrible I felt this past week! If you follow me on twitter or instagram - you may already know that last Thursday - I found a HUGE red circle in my eye known as subconjunctival hemorrhage - it was the first time this had ever happened to me, but it was freaking scary as YOU KNOW WHAT! Thankfully, it is not something to worry about, and isn't painful at all - it just looks horrendous and believe it or not - I still have it. It takes about 2 weeks to go away :( 
last Thursday when it happened 
 photo 6bbcabb68cd711e28c8722000a1f90f9_7_zps5e984f9c.jpg

Today - much less red and has moved to around the iris of the eye.. go away soon please!!
  photo EYE_zps9a535c09.png
Has this ever happened to anyone? 

Forward to Monday night after I spent an amazing weekend in DC with my friends - my throat started feeling scratchy and I drowned myself in airborne, vitamin C, and chamomile tea - I was determined to beat what I thought was a cold. Well - I woke up Tuesday morning with the worst sore throat I have ever had - seriously - I do not wish it on my worst enemy. I literally felt like I had knives in my throat and it was just terrible! I also had a fever on Tuesday night and then Wednesday morning. I dragged myself to the doctors on Wednesday and turns out - I had a sinus infection. So thankful my doctor gave me antibiotics because I feel like a complete brand new person today! Thank the LORD! I had been religious about taking vitamin c every single day and forgot to bring them with me on my trip to Atlanta & DC so I am sure that is what brought my immune system down. I used to get sick very often before I started taking vitamin C daily, so now I will never stop taking it again! 

My past week in some pictures...

road trippin to ATL for my work trip - essentials for sure!
 photo 9462527a8b2c11e2b93522000a1f96b2_7_zps8971442e.jpg

ATL dinner outfit! F21 top, J.Crew Ponte Pants, Nine West Heels, Bloody Eye (not for sale) 
 photo aa91b3608d1b11e294f522000a9f30b8_7_zpsc4c642e4.jpg

 photo 7eaa61e48dc411e28a6522000a9f17d4_7_zpsc4045aff.jpg
dinner at Sea Bass Kitchen in ATL with my cousin Addy and our friend Paris Rouzati (check out her amazing fashion blog), work meetings outfit, grilled trout, my baby coco, and my baby Belen!

I flew to DC last Friday and reunited with my bestie! (my mint shorts are from Tobi!)
 photo 156027_10101377241813170_1573217362_n_zps00862794.jpg

 photo WEFWEFWEF_zps7ac64883.png

 photo EFQEFQE_zpsd27889f0.png

 photo DQWDQWDQW_zps71333644.png

 photo 17866c7a8e5e11e2965422000a9f18cc_7_zps4b047989.jpg
 OOTD: AG jeggings, Frye Boots, Leather jacket from Macy's, Tory Burch purse

I had such an amazing weekend with my friends! So happy to be feeling better and at least I get a weekend to relax and make sure I am 100% better by Monday! I hope you all have fabulous weekends!! xoxo


  1. I'm so sorry about your eye hun, I can't imagine :(

    I hope you're feeling much better for this weekend, happy Friday!

  2. Loving this post, ok maybe not the red eye photos haha!! Have a wonderful weekend love!!

  3. So glad you had so much fun! I hope your eye gets better soon! I guess as long as it doesn't hurt? Happy weekend!

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun even though you were sick for a bit!! Glad you're feeling better..hope your eye recovers soon girl! :)

  5. Bless you! Looks like no fun to me!

  6. It looks like you had such a fun time last weekend and you make the red eye look good! I'm glad you're feeling much better now you have some antibiotics!


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  7. Lovely as always! <3 <3
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