Thursday, May 9, 2013

My week so far + 30 miles check-in!

I hope all of you are having fabulous weeks so far! Charlotte has been absolutely GORGEOUS these past few days - dare I say the bad weather is finally gone? I currently have a lot on my plate with moving next weekend and work is (as usual) crazy crazy! I do not have another work trip until the 22nd and I am going to LA again. I cannot wait to go because I get to see one of my best friends, Haley! I am also going to stay until that Sunday so I can spend a bit more time with her - I am so excited! 

Our new restaurant in Charlotte on South Blvd - Luciano's - has been doing amazingly! Thank you to everyone who wished us luck, we had a great opening week and we hope this week will be even better. I can't tell you how happy I am that it is finally open! I love it there because you can eat healthy too - we have so many light dishes, salads and fish options so you will never get bored. I have been trying to get back into clean eating as much as possible while I am not traveling, but it is a struggle with all this delicous Italian food being thrown my way! Haha! The great thing is that the chef is awesome and he is always willing to make grilled fish and veggies :) 

Case in point - grilled trout with grilled asparagus and steamed broccoli
 photo 08fc0deab80c11e280a722000a9e28dc_7_zps677edec2.jpg

My friend Britney has an amazing food blog called Food For Beauty and she has been sharing the greatest healthy organic recipes! I was over at my friend Heather's on Monday night and she made me some avocado toast and also an amazing raw veggie salad with tahini dressing. Both recipes can be found on Britney's blog! 
 photo 1a44cfe0b6ba11e296f222000a9f4dd8_7_zps6c3743b5.jpg
 photo c01a5c76b6bc11e2b13b22000a9e0790_7_zps16c0e664.jpg

I started weight training again this week. I am pretty dedicated to cardio, but that is just to maintain my weight, and I know that I tend to be in better shape when I weight train. I just really have to get my ass in gear! Which brings me to.... the 30 miles in 30 days link up with my girl Nikki! 

There's no sugar coating the fact that I haven't been as dedicated to my workouts as I should be these past months. I know I used traveling as an excuse, but honestly, there shouldn't be any excuses. Most of my hotels have gyms! Especially because I know how great I feel when I work out 4-5 times a week. After I move, I plan on joining flywheel again because I love it, and will start a dedicated weight training schedule. No more messing around!  

I did start logging my workouts at least! Nikki - be proud of me!
May 1st: 1.25 high intensity interval runs - 12 rounds of 40 second rest - 30 second work on 10% incline + incline walk
May 2nd: 4 miles walking around Chicago (my feet DIED - thanks tory burch!)
May 6th: 1.25 interval runs (same as above)
May 7th: 1.25 interval runs + leg workouts (squats, leg extensions, leg presses, and dead lifts) 
dead after leg day
 photo f01f4234b84111e2bc6c22000a9f38d4_7_zps5118d9b4.jpg

2 last things..
Don't forget to enter the $300 giveaway!

and... I am seriously in love with this cutie and this song!
 photo 43ad5998b6b411e299e522000a9e28c4_7_zps4ec67499.jpg


  1. I love HH too - every song he comes out with I get obsessed with...even if he is 10 years old haha I AM SOOOO PROUD OF YOU! You are ahead of me in miles...oops! Looks like I need focus. That food looks yummmy!

  2. girl, you are doing soooo good!! and so glad to hear the restaurant is doing well~!!

  3. So glad the restaurant is rocking! Good for you!!

  4. That's so awesome. So little Hunter Hayes is from 15 minutes away from my hometown. He was such a cute kid playing his accordion at festivals and stuff. Now look at him opening for T. Swift.

  5. just made me so hungry for that trout and the avocado toast! And second..great job getting back in the gym :) I am the queeeen of excuses..I need to get motivated like you!

  6. Everything you have made looks delicious! I really want to try that salad and the avocado toast!!

    P.s. Seeing an email from you made my day yesterday. Kevin is my puppies name!

  7. You're doing awesome with the 30 in 30! Those pictures are seriously making me super hungry! Everything looks amazing! I love that HH song as well!

  8. The food looks delicious and keep kicking butt in your workouts!

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