Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Apartment Purchases: The Basics

I promise an apartment tour will be going up soon! My sister and I are still not living there, but we get all of our furniture by Friday so hopefully it will be our first weekend there! I have this vision in my head of what I want our apartment to be - girly and elegant but comfortable at the same time! I am still deciding on accent colors for the living room and my room. Since my bed is white and my furniture is either mirrored or white, I got aqua bedding that I hope will look really cute. For the living room, we are still deciding but I think we will maybe accent with light peach or pink (depending on what we find)!

My Room: I decided against painting my walls because I am unsure of how long we are going to be living there and also - I like the wall color - it is a really pretty light beige that matches with everything. I want to add some art/mirrors for sure! I am so excited about my tufted bed! I have been wanting a tufted bed for YEARS and finally got my wish! We ordered our bed frames from Wayfair Supply - I will definitely let you guys know how the quality is/etc because we got a super amazing deal on them! I ordered my aqua comforter from Overstock - it hasn't even shipped yet, so we will see how it is when I get it! I just felt like doing a pop of color since the rest of my furniture is simple. We also found some really good deals at Value City Furniture and that is where my white dresser is from! The annoying part is that I don't get it until the 22nd of June :( I have been obsessed with the Hayworth collection from Pier One ever since I can remember! I have the jewelry armoire already and knew I wanted to incorporate more of the pieces into my room. I do not think I would like the look of all mirrored furniture so that is why I decided to go with the white dresser and white bookcase. One of the things I am most excited about is having a vanity! I just ordered the table on it's own and I am going to get a separate mirror and chair. I also got the nightstand to go along with it! I ordered the bookcase from Target and thought it would be pretty with picture frames, decorative books, and maybe have a perfume tray on there. Overall - I think my bedroom is going to turn out just the way I had pictured it. I know it won't be perfect for a while, but this will be a good start to my ideal room!
 photo room_zps0b52d0ba.jpg

Living Room: I knew I wanted to invest in a good couch because last time that my sister and I had our own place, we had an Ikea couch, and it might as well have been a boulder because it was the MOST uncomfortable piece of crap I have ever sat on. We found our couch at Value City and also ordered an ottoman to go along with it. It is SUPER comfy and I can't wait to relax on the couch with a glass of wine watching real housewives! We also got these mirrored tables from Target! I will also report back on these because they were at an unbelievable price! Our media center is from Overstock and I love how it is white and mirrored at the same time (ideal in my world)! Again, I am not sure what accent colors we will use!
 photo living_zps697fc702.jpg

I plan on filming my apartment tour tonight! We won't have any of this until Friday, so I think it would be fun to keep doing apartment updates. I love watching these types of videos and think they are so helpful when decorating your place.
Hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday!


  1. I love the bedside chest and leaning ladder! I am moving into a new apartment next month - thanks for the inspiration!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. will you please come over and help me decorate?! thanks so much.

  3. Love everything! And I finally got a tufted headboard last year after lusting after them for a while. They give the room an elegant yet comfy feel :)

  4. I'm kind of dying over that lush comforter!

  5. I NEED that comforter! I can't wait to see how everything comes together!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  6. Love the tufted head board! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  7. I love everything you've picked out so far, the bed is gorgeous! I'm excited to see it put together!


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