Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Friday + My week so far!

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! It's here people - I had a jammed packed week. I am currently incapacitated from Zumba on Wednesday - who knew that it would be so intense? I woke up this morning and could not walk (so much jumping!). 

I am SO HAPPY today because today my sister and I get the keys to our new apartment!!! I am SO excited to have my own space, living room, kitchen, etc! I will be sad to leave the beautifulness that is my parent's condo, but it will definitely be worth it. I am going to film an apartment tour and update you all with our decorating process so stay tuned for that! I want to make our space very feminine and elegant but also comfortable at the same time! My cousin and her bf will also be here this weekend and we always have such a fun time with them! 

My favorite salad - mixed organic greens + kale with avocado, mushrooms and fresh mozzarella + EVOO, Splash of red wine vinegar, juice of half a lemon and mrs. dash italian seasoning = TRY IT IT IS SO DELICIOUS! 
 photo 02f43262bc3311e281e222000a9e0818_7_zpse6ed7a7c.jpg

cuddles with this bitchy lady
 photo 572c3204bc3711e2b31922000aaa09f2_7_zpse84ae8ad.jpg

went furniture shopping the other day and ended up at nordstrom rack... typical! LOL! Found this Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case for 30 dollars! 
 photo dcde6d64bcf911e2af8422000a9e28e9_7_zpsa07a094b.jpg

super obsessed with this revlon lip butter in wild watermelon - such a pretty color! 
 photo f5295c2cbcbc11e2bf3622000a9f1886_7_zps8137f12e.jpg 

Last night, I finished a leadership program for Community Building Initiative that I participated in for a year! 
 photo d2544906be7811e2bd9022000a1fa522_7_zps80291c80.jpg

Hope you all have AMAZING weekends! xo


  1. Awww puppy! She totally has her bitch face on, but it's still adorable.

  2. looks like a great week! and now i want to try that lip butter!

  3. Congrats on your new place! That's awesome! Can't wait to see a tour!! And your puppy is too cute! And we just realized that you are in Charlotte! That's not too far from Richmond! :-) Have a great weekend!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. OH I really love that lip butter color..might have to go buy that! Congrats on the new place :) Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. i'm always looking for fabulous new salad recipes! and i loooove revlons lip butter! gonna have to try that one out! count me as your newest follower! :) have a great day!