Thursday, May 16, 2013

30 Miles in 30 days update!

First and foremost - I am guest posting on the lovely Kate's blog Green Fashionista today while she is on vacation in DR (lucky girl)! I am talking about one of my favorite vacations to.. LAS VEGAS! - Check out her blog and my post here! 

Second - I am linking up with Nikki for my 30 miles check in! I am proud to say I have been doing really well again yay! 

Here is my training and workouts of the month so far! 
May 1st: 1.25 high intensity interval runs - 12 rounds of 40 second rest - 30 second work on 10% incline + incline walk (my usual go to intervals)
May 2nd: 4 miles walking around Chicago (my feet DIED - thanks tory burch!)
May 6th: 1.25 interval runs (same as above)
May 7th: 1.25 interval runs + leg workouts (squats, leg extensions, leg presses, and dead lifts)

May 9th: 1.25 Interval Runs
May 10th: 1.25 Interval runs + bis and tris 
May 13: 1.25 interval runs + shoulders and abs
May 15: 1 Hour Zumba class (INTENSE)

Total miles for May so far = 11.5 Miles 
I am OKAY with that number since I focus on high intensity interval training as opposed to long distance running and I stick to treadmill usually as opposed to elliptical! I had a great workout at Zumba yesterday - I am SO sore!! I highly recommend going to one and it was so fun/funny and a great way to get some intense cardio in! Hoping to get in some workouts over the weekend! 

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY! 

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