Monday, February 11, 2013

HUGE week/weekend Update!

So my official work travel season has started - that means less time to blog/vlog! However, I am trying to plan ahead and post and dedicate time to blogging more at night. I was in Miami from Wednesday to Friday of last week for work and this weekend went by in the blink of an eye!! I hate short weekends but this week seems pretty chill so far. 

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Miami Bound travel outfit & gear! I received LV luggage as my 18th birthday present and they look as great as they did 7 years ago! I always travel comfy but CUTE. No sweats or tennis shoes for me at the airport - you never know who you will meet! I wore Old Navy compression leggings (which ROCK!), a target sweater (recent), and my Tory Burch tan flats. You know I love my heels, but even I think it is ridiculous when I see women running around the airport in heels - ain't nobody got time for that + you look like a dumb ass.  
 photo de9a38a6708511e2942122000aaa0535_7_zpsb07122f1.jpg

So, I am deeply in love with Miami! Whenever I go for work, we stay in Coral Gables which is a little bit outside of South Beach, but this time we had a meeting there so we were able to explore Lincoln Rd a little! GORGEOUS! I wanted to stay and shop and live there! LOL! Miami is fabulous & I want to go back ASAP and have a girls trip there! 
 photo 079824a0721d11e2a5d322000a1f90e5_7_zps811ef671.jpg

I came home late on Friday night & Saturday we had a full day of hair & makeup for a gala that night. 

Mani ready for the gala (shellac)
 photo 3d824ce4709711e29fe522000a1f97ce_7_zps35022db2.jpg

We were in such a rush, I didn't get to take an full outfit pic or an OOTD video like I had wanted to but here are the pics I do have! My dress is Erin Featherston via Rent the Runway! 
 photo aec6f08a739911e2905222000aaa031b_7_zps26618ebe.jpg

makeup (done by my friend Jesse at MAC counter Nordstrom Southpark)
 photo 6fab8cee732611e29a3e22000a1f90ce_7_zps53f9798a.jpg

 photo 86d6be2a739911e2992f22000a1fb823_7_zpsb540fe31.jpg

 photo 62a986f0733911e2a3d522000a9f13e2_7_zpsead04e89.jpg

 photo 3c0e1524734811e2b62322000a9f12da_7_zps9a0fbd5a.jpg

  photo 91ef788e73e811e28f8522000a1fb838_7_zps3ebc1c52.jpg

We had such a great time & we didn't end up sleeping till almost 4! Yesterday was pretty relaxing, we had some family friends over for dinner & watched the grammy's a little - well I fell asleep in the middle of it - is it just me or were they really 6 hours long? TOO long. 

My new MAC purchase from the new collection - Archie's Girls - the face powder in Flatter Me which is AWESOME as a blush! 
 photo 5d3e60a473d011e2868f22000a1f97ea_7_zpsba10c602.jpg

our condo looking pretty :)
 photo 4f33577a73d111e2ac3122000a1fb77a_7_zps1f0d4c99.jpg

Happy Monday everyone! 
 photo d53e7726745a11e28eb922000a1fbc88_7_zps2088ec25.jpg

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  1. You seriously get the BEST gifts! Yowzers! LV luggage?! That's thousandsssss of dollareedoos!! Jealous chica!

    And I was that idiot in the airport running in heels, I eventually took them off and ran barefoot to make it to my gate. A site to behold indeed.. I was wearing heels because I was flying down here for my job interview.

  2. Miami is beautiful! I'm glad you loved it here in the beautiful city I call home. Let me know next time you are in town <33

  3. I got flatter me also, I am beyond obsessed!!! I'm hoping to blog about it later today! So we can go to vegas and miami? happy monday my love!

  4. Love your luggage! Miami looks wonderful about now or anytime really! haha I am in need of some new blush I will have to try that out.

  5. Love the LV luggage! Such a fantastic gift!
    Miami would be such a fun girls' trip.

  6. You look so fabulous! I have been wanting to try Rent the Runway forever, how did it go with getting your dress that way? OOH! Can I have a post request? I JUST accepted a new position that will reqire a bit of travel (like 6x a year, not too bad). I have never really traveled for work before. Could you do a post on the best clothes to pack/what won't get all wrinkled/more plane outfit ideas, etc? Thanks girl!

  7. I'm OBSESSED with your make up! It looks go good! You looked gorgeous at the gala!

  8. Girl you look gorgeous in that dress! I always want an excuse to get something from Rent the Runway :) I also am a HUGE fan of Old Navy's compression leggings and pants! Glad you had fun and I won't lie I'm jealous of your work travel AND your LV luggage ;) Thanks for linking up as always!!

  9. Amazing dress! You looked beautiful! I'd love to hear how the Rent the Runway experience was!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  10. Cute photos! Loving your sweater! Looks like a fun weekend!


  11. Miami looks so wonderful!

    =) Brooke

  12. You look so stunning at your Gala Pam!


    Five Minute Style