Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Friday!

We made it through another week! WAHHOOO!

It's Friday - so that means tonight I will be doing this...
  photo tumblr_mimkl6Cdjk1rrm8cno1_400_zpse340cb91.gif

except replace that with a bottle of pinot noir and we'll be GOLDEN. 

I plan on having a fun day with my sister tomorrow - that means drunch, mall, nap, and then possibly dinner somewhere? If you don't know what drunch means, you must be new here. Drunch is my favorite thing on earth. Drunk Brunch = Drunch. Thinking about it makes me reallly happy :) 

drunch drunch drunch drunch 
 photo tumblr_mijdq2cJNl1ql5yr7o1_500_zpsc263151f.gif

That is Jill from Dance Moms - probably the craziest show I have ever watched. That abby lee miller is one feisty lady! You guys seriously need to watch it if you haven't. I have the attention spam of an ADD 8 year old boy & it keeps me VERY entertained. 

I honestly feel like this week has flown by! That always happens when work gets crazy - it is insane that it is almost March and that means we have about 2 months until May which is our craziest month ever with 3 weekend events in a row that attract 20,000 people! And that is just our side job. I still have to travel and sell and handle all community and PR affairs. Cray cray BUT I love it and I am excited to travel too. I will be in Atl, NYC, Chicago & LA in the next 3 months! 

I recently joined a new gym & I have been loving it! It's always refreshing to have a new setting and always fun to people watch while you work out. I have reconnected with my old friend - the stair master - which is the BEST machine for fat burning. You end up looking like you jumped in a pool after only 10 min on it - I usually do 20 on level 6-7 and then hop on the treadmill for interval runs. I have been switching it up though - the stair master kills your legs! 
 photo c234aca47c7f11e2928c22000a9f3092_7_zps7f951ecf.jpg

I tried the skinny vanilla spice latte and wasn't a fan :( I am a total Starbucks addict but I always stick to really plain things - my go-to order is a venti iced coffee with a SPLASH of soy milk or an iced americano - in the summer I love venti iced unsweetened green tea with a splash of unsweetened passion - SERIOUSLY sooo yummy! I usually get my iced drinks in the afternoon for a pick me up - I make coffee at home in the mornings with my tassimo machine & add either unsweetened almond milk or soy creamer - yum! I never add sweetener, just not my thing!
 photo 787392387a9f11e283b822000a9f124c_7_zpsd468d075.jpg

I have also been loving making salmon at home. My dad taught me a trick in order for the house not to smell like salmon - I just wrap the salmon up in foil and toss it on the pan - I plan on doing a video on how I do this very soon so stay tuned! It turns out delicious and I am a total salmon freak. I gave up meat for lent (don't eat it that much anyway) and so I have been Pescetarian for about a week and a couple of days, honestly - I want some chicken wings.
 photo 787a925a7b0211e28b9f22000a9e0708_7_zps30509d18.jpg

We are having a showdown at work today. There will be video to follow!
 photo 20e3bfbc7c8311e2974222000a1fbdac_7_zpsb80c5b2a.jpg

I also did some online shopping this week! I ordered the monogram necklace that I featured in my Wednesday Wishlist & also ordered these super cute Aldo Mandina booties that I saw on my friend Courtney - on sale for $50!!! I have gotten a couple of requests to do a review on the necklace once I get it so I will definitely do that when I receive it! :)
 photo -1-3_zps1a5d2818.jpg

I had a laugh attack yesterday - I literally laughed for 20 min straight - I feel so bad for this girl but come on... Count for 20 or more???

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. OH MY GOD that video!!!!! That is so horrifying..I would die. Have a fun Saturday with your sister!!

  2. Haha oh my god there is too much greatness in this post.

    1. I will be doing the same exact thing as boo boo. Love that.
    2. Dance Moms is my shit. I love Abbey Lee Miller.
    3. I just saw that video today and oh my god I couldn't freakin believe what I was seeing!!!

  3. Bummer, I was goign to try that new latte today at Starbucks!

  4. OMG that video is hysterical. That poor girl. Is it from YouTube??

    This post is making me want to go to Starbucks. But it's snowing!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  5. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that girl burnt her hair off! I love how she made it a video though!

    That tea combo sounds yummy, I have had those teas separate but never think to mix them!

    =) Brooke

  6. fun week! good luck getting back into the gym. the stairclimber is so so tough!