Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Pictures + October Favorites Vlog!

Happy Monday everyone! Don't you just love that extra hour of sleep? I had such a relaxing weekend. On Friday, I met up with some friends for dinner and drinks - it ended up being such a fun night (maybe too much) and Saturday I just took it easy. Sunday was SUPER productive - I literally cleaned my entire room, bathroom, apt, did laundry, fixed my closet, went to starbucks, got my car washed, went to target, the container store AND the grocery store, baked, made dinner and showered and curled my hair. Haha - don't you love days like that?

Here are some pics to share from the weekend.
friday night outfit: urban outfitters romper, tahari black leather jacket, LV bag

new bathroom storage - via container store - makes me happy!

relaxation essentials (all bath&body works) - leaves candle, sleep lavender and vanilla pillow mist and lotion

baked pumpkin spiced cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (all made from scratch of course!) - turned out so yummy
I used this recipe by Blair Fowler

& Last but not least - here is my October favorites video!!

What were your October favorites??

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  1. cute outfit! I see you use big sexy hair-is it the hair spray? its my favorite! those cream cheese topped cupcakes look delicious!