Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014!

HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE! I had a super long blog post typed up and saved and it has gone missing! Well, I accidentally deleted it, so I guess it's not missing, it's just lost :( I am currently sick (again) and can't breathe through my nose and have horrible head and chest congestion - hopefully it goes away ASAP! I ALWAYS get sick when I am stressed - anyone else? I turned in three grad school applications yesterday and my final one is due tomorrow - I am so crazy excited to start hearing back from schools and interviewing! It has been an very long process, but totally worth it. I know I have been majorly MIA and I had this long inspired post ready to go about 2013, but since it's gone and I am feeling uninspired, I will just share some pictures with you from last week! 

We had a really chill NYE & had dinner at Luciano's and then went to a party. 

My outfit: Topshop Dress | Anthropologie Belt | PLV Irina Pumps | Tory Burch Clutch | Accessories from Bendels, Foli Foli, and Charming Charlie
 photo 06ced512729611e38b461215d25935f0_8_zps02c914b4.jpg

New goodies from my sisters (christmas gifts)
 photo 8fae0c666fe611e3b6880ace8c04aaa3_8_zpsda69e56d.jpg

 photo 54dd421672a011e3a5b50eceaceb1f23_8_zpsbe056fd8.jpg

Random Dinner Outfit: F21 Top | Nordstrom Blazer | LV purse | Sam Edelman Heels
 photo 5af072f6705011e3ab340ef324447c91_8_zpsc6f6b2b3.jpg

 photo 1_zps54274570.png

Also - I filmed a video with my BFF Jimmy while he was here visiting me - it turned out hillarious! The BFF Does My Makeup Tag! 

Cheers to the best year yet! Let's do this 2014! 
 photo 80c47946728a11e3bbf012e2a305b086_8_zps6f966c43.jpg


  1. Aw I'm sorry you don't feel well :( I hope you start feeling better ASAP and I good luck with the grad school apps and interviews!!

  2. GORGEOUS dress!

    I hope you feel better soon *hugs*

  3. I've absolutely done that with some of my posts too, or my computer will die before saving. It sucks! Love your NYE outfit and F21 top! Feel better soon, and super good luck with grad schools. :)