Friday, February 10, 2012

Jewelry Armoire Tour & something to make you laugh!

HAPPY FRIDAY LOVES! I hope you are all having a great friday and that you all have wonderful weekends :)

Yesterday, I uploaded my Jewelry Armoire tour to my YouTube channel -

Diorellaxoxo Youtube Channel

Pier1 Imports Hayworth Jewelry Armoire - $299 (ON SALE!)

NOW FOR THE FUNNY. I understand if some of you no longer wish to associate with me anymore. I promise I was not under the influence of ANYTHING (maybe just an iced americano) when I went to the DMV a couple of weeks ago, but the rude lady snapped what is quite possibly the worst picture of me EVER taken. And its plastered on my ID.

Exhibit A.

1) The reason I did not smile is because the stupid woman did not warn me she was taking the pic
2) She did not show me what it looked like after
3) I know it looks like a mugshot of a DUI conviction
4) I do not know why it looks like I have a lazy eye
5) Should I get it retaken??

Reactions from my friends and family:
My Dad: "Were you drunk?"
My Mom: (laughed for 10 minutes) "Please go retake it!"
My sister Natalie: "BAHAHAHAHAHA I didn't think I was going to laugh all day but I was wrong. And why is there a black blob under it" - she then preceeded to make it her phone background (bitch. lol)
My sister Stephanie: "OMG Why are you not smiling? It looks like a mugshot, and why is your eye retarded"
My BFF mon: "You look so cute you look like Nicole Richie in her mugshot!"
My friend Erin: "You look like you are looking at a giant and like you are high"
My friend Heather: "Mugshot central! Why did not smile? Did you drink before your test to calm your nerves?"

however, someone really sweet to me said that I looked good :) LOL & I proceeded to laugh in his face. NOPE!

hope that made you laugh! I cant stop laughing every time I look at it!
Have a great weekend loves!

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  1. HAHAHA oh man - I have a card like this too - my BJ'S Wholesale membership card. The woman didn't warn me! I look like a high raccoon (try to picture that!). I am gonna agree with the Nicole Richie mugshot comparison - love it:)

  2. I watched this video on my lunch today!! I love it!! You have so many bangles!!

    Your picture is amazing compared to my passport photo!! I look like someone smacked me in the face haha!


  3. I love that video!! Your pictures isn't terrible! It's so hard to get a good one!

  4. I am in love with your jewelry armoire! Wish I had a place to put one in my room. Your license picture is a lot better than mine!

  5. I love your jewelry armoire! I really want one :)
    I'm your newest follower and would love if you followed me back through Google Friend Connect as well!


  6. this is a gorgeous armoire! so beautiful! you have such pretty pieces too

  7. Your jewelries look gorgeous!

  8. nice blog, following you! Follow me back?