Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Southern Snow Storms, Charlotte, and Recent Purchases

I hope everyone had an amazing Valentines day :)

Friday, the southern states were hit with a massive snow storm.. that me and my mom decided to stupidly drive through it. We ended up staying in Greenville, SC because we couldn't make it all the way to Charlotte.
When it snows, the south shuts down! No one knows what to do or how to drive and basically people think they cannot go on with daily life. Living in Boston for four years definitely helped me to learn that a little snow never hurt anyone... but it doesn't mean that it's okay to drive 300 miles... lol

my back porch

my back yard

view from our front door

simba investigating the snow

my house covered in snow!... and simba

thought this tree looked gorgeous

poor simba misses his sister coco who is quarantined at the vet right now because she bit the fed ex man! :(

bye house!... headed to charlotte... or so we thought!

our neighborhood - winter wonderland!

me and a snowman in greenville, sc

we finally got to charlotte and I got sushi with my dad! and they had lychee martinis - my favorite drink!

my wonderful parents on their way to the gala

although I didn't have a valentine, I ordered a dirty martini - extra dirty w/blue cheese stuffed olives... and then I didn't seem to care after! LOL

Has anyone else been having a hard time finding cute things in stores?

We went to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on Valentines and I hadn't brought anything nice to wear! I ran through Southpark Mall in Charlotte, one of the nicest malls I have ever been to.. and could not find anything! Finally I remembered the Nordstrom Juniors Department and found this dress:

only $44 and you can purchase here

I ended up putting together a cute outfit - although I would have liked it more with pumps instead of boots to make it more elegant.

with juicy couture blazer, black tights, zara boots, furla watch, and nadri bracelets

I also won this dress on eBay for $15 shipped... gotta love vintage!

I finally found this gorgeous Rebecca Taylor dress (on eBay!!) that has been in my shopbop cart since it came out. You can still get some sizes on shopbop or most sizes at revolve (where it isn't on sale but they might price match shopbop)

so excited to wear this! maybe my going away party before I leave for Mexico City

I really need to calm down with the spending!

Here are some of my favorite looks from this past week

Kristen Bell in Rebecca Taylor at the Rebecca Taylor fashion show for NYFW

Camilla Belle in Marchesa.. GORGEOUS!
The dress is absolutely to die for!



  1. I absolutely love your Valentines outfit! You have great style. Your house is so beautiful btw!!

    -Pauline (chimpy)