Thursday, February 18, 2010

New love for VS and American Eagle

You have to admit that bra shopping is a pain... or at least it always is for me. I have always been a Victoria's Secret girl. I have tried Gap Body and Calvin Klein in the past but I always go back to VS. However, for the past year I haven't found a good bra there.. the one I use the most is the Angels Demi cup but even though they are $50 - they end up falling apart so fast because I wear them so much! The requirements for me are (and I am referring to daily bras - not lingerie):

1) NO padding (way to pornographic on me)
2) PRETTY and SEXY (no ugly cottons for me)
3) FIT WELL (I hate back fat and when the cup doesn't fit)

So yesterday... after I stepped on my favorite black Angels bra and the wire poked out, I ventured off into the land of pink and white stripes. The thing that annoys me most about VS is the sales people! If I say I am fine please do not ask me again 6 times. Anyways... I patiently looked through each style and praise to god.. I found the perfect bra!! And... it's only $30! And it fits better than the Angels Demi! Success!

I only got the black but I definitely want to buy the nude and maybe a fun color as well.
you can purchase it here

I also ended up getting this cute bandeau bra top in electric blue - just something fun and it's a minimizer! Perfect for days when I want to hide the goods.. LOL.

I def. recommend it! very comfortable, but it still provides support. you can get it here

I also popped over into American Eagle (a store I usually never shop at).
My friend Jen over from The Look 4 Less posted this lovely chiffon tank and I knew I had to have it!
At $30, it is definitely a steal. I got it in the blue color but they have different color options - all adorable!
Runs TTS.
Buy the cute tank here

Have a good Thursday everyone!
Tomorrow, I will start posting my "Friday Faves" :)


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