Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chanel, YSL, Nars, Laura Mercier and Drugstore Beauty Haul + Mini Reviews!

Happy Tuesday! First of all - I wanted to let you guys know that I am participating in my friend Kate's b-day giveaway - hope on over to her blog and enter and show her blog some love!! I am giving away a gift card to my favorite place on earth & a bunch of other girls are doing some great giveaways too! :)

If you haven't noticed - I have been on a YouTube kick lately! I love being able to share my absolute love of beauty products with other fellow beauty addicts. I posted another beauty haul a few days ago, and wanted to share my blog as well! :) Watch & below I have written a few reviews on what I purchased!

I always try to do research of the higher end products that I want to buy. I had been contemplating the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (Bronzing Makeup Base/Bronze Universel) for many months! I saw it used in this MakeupbyTiffanyD video and literally fell in love with it! I am pretty pale, but do have a little bit of color right now, and this is an amazing product for adding warmth and a little bit of tan to the skin. I actually recommend it for people with a lighter complexion - it is not super dark! I have been using it daily, and love it! Would you all be interested in a review and how to using this product? 

Soleil Tan de Chanel - Bronzing Makeup Base retails for $48 (I cannot seem to find it online anywhere but the Chanel website - I definitely recommend buying this in store and trying it on there - I got mine at Nordstrom. I would call ahead to make sure they have it in stock, I took the last one at the Nordstrom in Charlotte)
  photo chanel_zps7652c9b3.png

 The Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks are my favorite "high end" lipsticks - I only own a few of the regular Rouge Volupté lipsticks, and I decided to try a shine while I was at Sephora. Big mistake because now I love them even more than the regulars, and want to pick up the entire lipstick line ASAP (oops). I decided to go with a pretty color that I could use now and through the fall and winter as well - I got a gorgeous berry shade that is exclusive to Sephora. 

The Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks retail for $34 at Sephora - My color is #5 Fuschia in Excess 
 photo 4_zps71334164.png

Like I said in my haul, I tend to get sick of using the palettes I have - in my defense - the last palette I had purchased was the Lorac Pro Palette last November, so I wanted to treat myself. I LOVE this palette so far - NARS eyeshadows are gorgeous - super pigmented and just overall great! 

I bought my Rise Up To The Moon Palette at Nordstrom for $45
 photo 3_zpse88ebf76.png

 photo 2_zpsb0e4cfe3.png

If you want pampering - this is the way to do it! The best body scrub I have ever used and it smells like heaven on earth!

Olay Silk Whimsy Moisturizing Body Wash 
My go-to body wash & the best part is that it is so affordable! Don't waste your money on expensive body washes for every day use - go with this one or any other of the Olay Moisture body washes!

L'oreal Total Repair 5 Haircare Line - Shampoo, Conditioner, and Dry Oil
I literally have been LOVING this line! I have been using it for about a week and am in LOVE so far - I am thinking about doing a review on my channel soon!

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask
Been loving this as well - I have been using it as a mask and I really like the results so far - I feel like I have been less oily and my skin feels really refreshed!

That is it for my beauty haul - please let me know if you would like video reviews on any of these products and as always, you can request any other type of video for my channel! I am going to have another grocery haul/healthy lifestyle video and post up probably on Thursday (or maybe tomorrow) - make sure you are following me on twitter so you can keep up with me! :)
thank you for watching/subscribing - LOVE u guys! 


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