Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bath and Body Works, J.Crew, and VS Beauty Haul!

I had not sat down to film in SO long, so I decided to film a quick haul last night after I got back from the mall where I picked up some yummy goodies for my home and of course myself! :) 

I had resisted the B&BW candles for too long, and my new apartment definitely called for new candles! The B&BW Semi Annual sale is still going on so you can get all of the candles I got for $10 still! They also had a bunch more on sale. I also needed to stock up on my favorite signature fragrance from VS - Secret Charm. Nothing better than having you & your home smell amazing! 

 photo 23423_zps643a3035.png
Ice Cream Shop Candle (not online)
VS Beauty Online (My favorite is Secret Charm) - usually 5 products for $30
J.Crew Boardwalk Linen Skirt in White (Still 25% off online!!)

Let me know if you have any questions! As always you can leave me video requests down below as well. This week I am planning on filming the Colors of the Rainbow Tag and my skincare routine at the very least! :)


  1. My friend got me some of the Exotic Coconut from B&BWorks during the sale...yummm! Perfect summer scent.

  2. love your haul! I should have gone to the BBW store today! Uh!

  3. Love all the things you got Pam, your house must smell delicious!


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    Five Minute Style 

  4. Love it when the candles are only 10 bucks!

    =) Brooke

  5. I stumbled upon the B&BW sale this year (had no idea it was going on) and was a kid in a candy store. Those 3 wick candles are hands down my favorite! Your new place is going to smell amazing :)