Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LA & Weekend Re-cap!

CRAZY does not begin to describe how hectic work has been lately- aka - no blogging time ever! The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is get on the computer again but blogging makes me so happy & you guys will never get rid of me!! :) haha

I was in LA last week for work and then had a really relaxed weekend! LA is a really beautiful place but damn is it smoggy! I prefer the clean crisp air of North Carolina. haha!

view from my hotel in LA - we had to stay in beverly hills one night because it was close to our LA rep firm & it was gorgeous & the air was really nice since its pretty close to santa monica - then we had to move to LA Live for the conference the following day

OOTD from LA - nordstrom BP dress, coach shoes, MK watch, baublebar bracelet

key note speaker at the conference I attended - JR Martinez

freebies from my conference #youknowyouremexicanwhen

my friend daniela was in town at the same time! LA Live was really nice - the hotel is so new and modern and there are a lot of restaurants - we decided to eat at Katsuya - it did not disappoint - sushi was amazing there.

yummy drinks at katsuya!

I definitely wish I would have had more time to shop/explore - Downtown is so far from everything. The good thing is that we travel there at least two times a year so I am looking forward to going back! This weekend, I just cleaned and relaxed and went out to dinner with my sister and dad

my life depends on red wine - does that sound horrible? oh well. 

some earrings my sweet mom got for me for my birthday - gorgeous! 

I hope you are all having a great week and I plan on catching up on my blogs tonight :)
- xoxo


  1. Those earrings are gorgeous!



  2. Aww...you were in my state! And yes I agree, LA is very smoggy. So I could only imagine what an out of towner would think of the smog! Looks like you had a great time and I love those earrings your mom got you! Yes, the polka dot dress I got recently but I think it's been on F21's website since the summer. :) <3


    1. for some reason I just felt so nauseous and sick in downtown - beverly hills and santa monica were beautiful though - I would never stay in DT again! thank u so much - I am going to try to stalk it online :)