Friday, June 8, 2012

Confessional Fridays!

Happy Friday my friends! Today is my first Friday linking up to Confessional Fridays from the lovely Leslie's Blog - A Blonde Ambition - definitely check her blog out if you haven't - she has such cute style and is a sweetheart, not to mention hilarious! 


1) I confess that even though today is the first day that I am actually feeling like a real human being after a week long battle with the stomach flu - all I can think about is DAMN pinkberry!? WTF is wrong with me? I will resist... until tomorrow? 


2) I may or may not have gotten starbucks on the way to work today - in my defense it was a grande iced coffee with just a splash of soy milk - hope this doesn't affect my stomach too much! OOPS! #starbucksaddict

3) I confess that this week while I was sick in bed, I rewatched almost three seasons of one of my favorite shows - GREEK! It is one of those shows I can watch OVER and OVER again. If you have never watched it before - you should! Especially if you were in a sorority in college - but warning... it will make you so nostalgic - I miss mixers, formals, sorority dramz, frat boys, EVERYTHING! 


4) I have a sick obsession with buying bracelets for arm candy, arm swag, arm party, arm whateveryouwanttocallit! I seriously need to stop. I think I have purchased 20 bracelets in the past 2 months. that is NOT okay. In my defense - some of them are from forever 21... 
Today's goods


 5) The plus side of my stomach flu is that now all my pants are loose and I don't have to feel guilty about not working out this week!

6) Next weekend is my sister Natalie's graduation and birthday and also father's day!! Who only has one gift down out of three? ME. 

7) I am so freaking excited for California next weekend that I already have like 70% of my outfits planned?! Cannot wait to be back in the bay!!

 8) I filled up my shop nasty gal and tobi carts this morning and x'ed out of both of them - YAY ME! but I didnt want to :( 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I am taking it easy tonight - hopefully will find some gifts for the family! And going hiking early tomorrow AM! Very excited for that :) 

- Pam


  1. you filled up the shopping carts and then closed them out! wow!!!!! impressive!

  2. I love arm candy but nothing seems to ever stay on my wrist. You definitely deserve Pinkberry after closing out your carts!

  3. I do that too Pam!! I def fill up the carts and x it out at the last minute! It's like trying on clothes and then not buying anything!

  4. Only problem about closing the Tobi cart is they e-mail you about abandoning it!!!