Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eating Healthy at Restaurants

We have all been there. We are being so strict on our diet and that one invitation to go to dinner arises. Even though it is definitely not as healthy as eating at home (where you have the power to control portions, salt, fat) - you can still be smart about the things you choose. My former nutritionist/trainer was always stressing about the importance of eating at home but come on - we all have social lives and going out to dinner is something that we all do! Hell, I come from a family of restauranteurs! It is always good to treat yourself every now and then

anyone? haha!

But - when you are working on being extremely healthy - you do not want your diet to interfere with your social life! Some of the things I like to order at restaurants are the following:

- grilled chicken
- grilled fish
- sashimi (I am a sucker for sushi)
- grilled salmon or grilled chicken salads (just make sure you choose a light dressing - no creamy dressings ever)
- steamed veggies (broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, squash)
- Brown rice sushi (if they offer it and usually for lunch)
- Some good appetizers to order are ahi tuna tartares and shrimp cocktails

Most restaurants offer a variety of items on their menu, but sometimes it is hard to control ourselves especially if the other people in our party are going balls to the wall ordering nachos, fries, and buffalo wings. It is better to let your party know that you are on a diet and that you are eating healthy - most of the time they feel bad (haha!) and end up ordering healthier than they would. But if not, having 1 buffalo wing or a couple of nachos is not going to kill you. Most of the time, we just want the taste. Who feels good after eating a bunch of shitty junk food anyway? NO ONE. I was just talking to my coworker Dani the other day about how good you feel after eating healthy!

Here are a couple of things I had this week when I went out to lunch and dinner respectively

Lunch at Zoe's Kitchen on Monday - Greek Salad with grilled salmon
You should def try this place out for healthy lunches! They have a lot of locations
Zoe's Kitchen

After a work event on Tuesday, I headed to sushi with my coworker - I ordered the tuna and avocado sashimi salad - so yummy! I also ordered a side of salmon sashimi

Last night, I went to Bonefish Grille and forgot to snap a pic of my entree but I ordered the grilled tilapia with steamed veggies - so yummy! Def check this place out if you have not - great food!
Bonefish Grille

I hope you guys found this helpful - I know how hard it is the make the right decisions when eating at restaurants but it is totally doable.

Happy Thursday - tomorrow is Friday yay!


  1. Great post, Pam! LOVE Bonefish!

  2. Great post! I run into this issue all the time. I usually try to find anything that's grilled and I LOVE steamed broccoli:) I'm going out to dinner this Saturday....hopefully I can find something on the healthier side!

  3. I love this post, there's some great tips Pam!!


  4. Beautiful blog with so many inspiring ideas! Great work:) Would you like to follow each other?

  5. This all looks so delish! I'm a sucker for sushi too