Friday, September 9, 2011

East Coast Vacation Pics

happy friday to all! This was my first full week working for my dad's company again and I LOVE IT! so happy to be here and so happy to be back on the east coast I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU AGAIN! EVER!!!

here are some pics to share from my trips visiting friends in dc, nyc, and boston
mon's engagement party - me, mon and erin
me and erin were wearing rebecca taylor and mon was wearing alice & olivia (gorgeous right?)
having so much fun with my besties!
my mom came too!
caitlin and me at dinner in dc! yummy wine
mon and I in NYC!
rebecca taylor top, free people shorts, topshop wedges
don't even ask - but just gonna say "hurricane" irene did not stop sonia and I from having a good time...
and last but not least, my jimmy boo! who never wants me to take pictures, wish I had more to share. And then he gets mad at me and says WE HAVE NO PICTURES TOGETHER! well it's your own fault mister! ;0 love him to death. best friends forever and had a great time in boston/cambridge with him.
I'll update soon with pictures of my room and bathroom/organization and then an august favorites video - I promise! I have nothing to do this weekend so this will be done!


  1. I've missed your blogs posts Pam!! Glad to see you've been having lots of fun and your mum looks so young and pretty!

    Good luck with the job, I hope it's going well!


  2. i love the way the rebecca taylor dress looks on you! i tried it on too, but it definitely did not look like that on me =( your friend's alive + olivia dress is so glamorous!

  3. stacey: thanks girl! i will be back to regular posting soon! just been super busy with my new job and organizing my room and stuff!

    Cupcaking: thanks so much! I actually ordered it from rent the runway, rebecca taylor usually runs really big but in this case i wish i would have gotten the next size up, it was kind of tight in my chest area but I am top heavy. rebecca taylor is my FAVE THO!

  4. hi pam! you and your friends are so cute and stylish1 i love that your mom came along too!♥