Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Whole Foods Grocery Haul! (Video)

I filmed this last week, but finally uploaded it earlier today. I love me some Whole Foods - here in Charlotte, it is the only place you can get some decent produce! I also just love the Whole Foods experience - you can get a glass of wine or beer while you shop! = PERFECTION! :) 

Back when I first started making videos - grocery hauls were my favorite kinds of videos - I am slowly going to incorporate more food/diet videos into my channel. I am so behind with my filming, but I plan on getting some videos filmed this week! :)

 yummy colorful food!
 photo YES_zps7dd6cbb5.png

Thank you for watching! :)


  1. That Roasted Garlic hummus is SO GOOD. Love your grocery haul! So healthy!

  2. great look!