Friday, July 12, 2013

Turning 26.

Happy Friday loves! Hope you all had a great week and have fun weekend plans. My birthday is tomorrow!! One of my best friends, Caitlin, is flying in from NYC tonight and my whole family is going to be in town & my cousin Addy is coming in too. Definitely feeling the love! Tonight, I am having a family bday dinner at The Melting Pot! I am so excited because 1) I love foundue 2) I love chocolate fondue even more than that and 3) I get to spend time with my amazing family which is truly all I want on my birthday. The older I get, the more I realize how truly blessed I am to have the family that I do. The most supportive and loving parents I can ask for, and the most amazing, caring, hilarious and wonderful sisters in the world! Most importantly, we all have our health - and that is all we can ask for. I am forever thankful and gracious to God!
My best friends
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It's hard to believe I am going to be 26 tomorrow. It seems like a daunting number. Back when I was in high school, I remember thinking, I definitely want to be married by 25, start having kids by 27 - well, my friends, life has not turned out as so. Two of my favorites Nikki & Sami both wrote awesome blogs about being single this week and I completely agree with what each of them said (independent women.. what up!) Basically, I have never been in a serious relationship, and I am okay with that. Obviously, there are times I wish I had someone, but sometimes I just think to myself how awesome it is that I am completely independent on my own and have an amazing life without relying on anyone but myself. Not hating on anyone who relies on their husband or boyfriend, I am sure that when the time comes, I will need my future S.O. to rely on.

But, I am scared. I am scared to never find someone. I am scared to be so focused on my career and not finding a husband who can keep up or who finds my intimidating. I am scared I am not going to be married in time to have children. I am scared that no one will ever love me or see me as an attractive candidate for a girlfriend - let alone a wife! There I said it - I am scared! But I know I shouldn't be. One of my biggest goals in life is to be a loving wife and mother - just like my mom is. I look up to her so much and she is my role model. However, my dad is also just as much my role model and I want to be just like him too. We can't have it all though. I don't think there is a way to be a CEO and also a perfect mother, and that ABOVE ALL scares me the most. I tend to over analyze (duh.. obviously I need to concentrate on finding a boyfriend before I think about how I am going to balance my future husband, children, and career), but I feel like the modern girl needs to think about these things. I love being independent and having no one to answer to and think about, but I also do not want to be like this forever.

I am so happy for all of my friends and family who have amazing and supportive men in their life and I just hope to one day find the same. I never want to become bitter or less than supportive of people in love. I just want the same. I will not and will never settle for anything less than amazing and I will not waste my time on losers - what is the freaking point. People often tell me "How come you aren't dating anyone" or "there is no way that you are single" - well no I am not dating one and I KNOW RIGHT? (lol) - I just have not found anyone up to my standards. I come from a loving family, a family who appreciates ambition and education, and most of all, respect. The men I have come across and have dated have been nothing of the sort and honestly the complete opposite of the man I want to end up with. I know my time will come, and I am 100% sure that God has a plan for me and I put my all of my trust and faith into him. But, I also know that I have to be proactive. So tell me, what does a girl gotta do to get a man around here? ;-) Advice accepted!!

I look forward to what this year has to come. I said this year would be the year I would just concentrate on me, but damn - I haven't gone on a SINGLE date this entire year! Men these days are crazy though - I am 100% promising you that my friend had a date earlier this week where a man picked her up in a car with no AC and then proceeded to take her to get froyo and not have enough money ($10) to pay for it. Like. Are you freaking kidding me? Is this what independent, hard working, educated, attractive, single women have to look forward to? Nooooohoooooo thanks. I will be just fine on my own knowing that somewhere out there in the crazy wild single wilderness, my future prince charming is waiting for me :) (come soon, please)

I have beyond amazing people in my life - my family and friends are the best I could ever ask for. I have a wonderful career and am excited to grow professional and pursue my MBA. I am extremely grateful for the blessings I have in my life and I am thankful for the life I live.

I rarely get super personal on my blog, but there is a little glimpse into me, who I am, and my thoughts. Hope I didn't scare you away! haha! Have a great weekend everyone! :)


  1. #1 hope you have the most amazing bday weekend EVER!! You truly deserve it! #2 shout out to YOU for being an independent single woman and as a "newly" single woman myself, I know the struggle! There are definitely pros & cons about the single life. But you are living it right girl! Making the most of it and hanging out with friends and family! Maybe you need to come visit TN to find your Mr. Right??? Hey, you never know!! XOXO

  2. Awwww Pam I really enjoyed this post and thanks for such a personal insight into your life! Have a wonderful birthday!
    And DO NOT worry about men, for real please enjoy yourself while you can haha!
    You are beautiful, sweet and obviously a very caring girl so I hope one day you find someone who deserves to have YOU as their wife/ mother of their children!

    Rachael xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful weekend! Being single is great, you have nothing but time to find someone really wonderful!

  4. Such a sweet & honest post! You and your family are SO cute and really remind me of my own family.


  5. Live it up! :) Make the most of your single life! Which you totally are - sometimes I'm even jealous ha Hope you have a FABULOUS birthday weekend!!

  6. I hope you have a fantastic birthday! 26 never looked better! :-)

  7. Haha, when I was younger I always said I would know everything about my life and very thing would be perfect by the time I was 25. Oops, my childhood self would be so disappointed :) hope you have a wonderful birthday, dear! I like when you open up on your blog :)

  8. You still have lots of years!!!! I assure you being single is better than being with the wrong guy! I know this! And yes, I'm the girl that gets taken out and he can't afford $10 froyo and I have to pick up the tab! Guess he wouldnt even be able to buy me a drink at the bar!!!

  9. Happy Birthday eve!

    And do not worry one bit about never finding someone. You are beautiful, sweet, and a hard worker. You went out and made something of yourself instead of waiting around for a guy to take care of you and this is AWESOME! The saying is totally true that your prince charming will come around when you least expect/aren't looking for him. When I met my husband I was not even interested in being in a relationship and was enjoying being single. It's funny how that happens sometimes.

    Now go enjoy Melting Pot...LOVE that place!!

  10. Pam I hope you have the most wonderful birthday, you truly deserve it! I love reading this post so much you have so many of the same thoughts and fears as me! I wanted to be married by 25 and I'm still single too, I am the only single one of my friends and at times it sucks, but I realised that it is not worth settling for something less than we deserve! I'm sure I'll time will come :)


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  11. Happy 26th birthday, I hope you have a great one!!!

  12. Happy birthday Pam. I recently found your youtube channel (like yesterday lol) and I am very have to have come across you. You are such an inspiring young woman! I too am a latina young professional and boy do we have a lot in common. Independent, ambitious, hardworking woman here *high five to us* I have the same struggles as you with men except I just turned 28 lol. Never settle for less than what you deserve girl. I am proud of you for not chasing after prince charming and instead chased after that degree. All good things come with time and the day will come when we will find the guys who deserve us. Keep pushing forward and making great things happen for yourself.

  13. Are you in my mind? This is exactly what I want to write.

    God has a beautiful plan for all of us, single ladies and we'll be happier soon enough!

  14. Well, take it from me: The full time working wife/mom thing? I don't think it's possible. I tried to take on a full time job (granted, at the wrong time for our situation), but it was heartache. As much as I want the fulfillment of a career of my own, there are sacrifices that come with that - namely, I was lucky to see my child long enough to give her dinner and put her to bed each night, and I just wasn't willing to give that up quite yet. I'm not saying you can't have it all, but if you do, you will have less of each individual thing. You can get creative with it... which is still a work in progress for me. I know we haven't talked, in like... literally a decade or more, but patience pays off by giving us exactly what we want - even if we don't realize it at the time. =) Happy Birthday, Pam!