Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap: Weezy and Sangria!

Happy Monday everyone!! I had one of those super relaxing weekends - so how the hell am I still tired today? I think I need a good old americano from starbucks in my near future! How did I turn into this boring person when one night out burns me out? haha! I went to the Lil Wayne concert on Friday and had a blast! T.I. and 2 chainz were also there - it was so fun and I knew a lot more songs than I thought. The concert was packed with drunk high schoolers, but it was still so much fun! My legs still hurt from dancing so much! 

 photo eda07c0af64c11e28c8022000ae912e8_7_zpse16c7090.jpg
Outfit: Shirt from Haute & Rebellious, high waisted denim shorts from Nordstrom

 photo ab13324ef66811e2963b22000a1f9c8c_7_zps392d8d56.jpg

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Saturday, I did a whole lot of nothing - literally went to lunch, took a nap, and then went to dinner at Luciano's. Drank some of the best sangria on earth!! YUM! :) We were also baby sitting chloe this weekend :) Sunday, I laid out by the pool and took my car to get washed & emptied out. My new car comes TODAY!!! woo hoo! :)

Anyone else been loving the new Selena album? Definitely recommend! 
 photo 9c7f40a4f7be11e2b68a22000a1f9af0_7_zps9671781d.jpg

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. You always look fabulous Pam! I haven't listened to the whole album but I do like what I've heard!


    Five Minute Style 

  2. That sangria looks super yummy! And you look fabulous as always :)

  3. Ah! Can't wait to MEET your car! I know you are excited!

  4. ah, Sangria. Another key to my heart, ha!