Thursday, July 12, 2012

How I Shop: Rebecca Taylor Sale + Extra 25% off!

My absolute favorite ready-to-wear designer is Rebecca Taylor - HANDS DOWN! I die for her beautiful and feminine clothes! Her stuff is a bit pricey - so I am always on the lookout for her things on sale. Somewhere I usually find very discounted Rebecca Taylor items isOff Fifth Saks 5th Ave - the outlet of Saks. You can usually find designers about 50-70% off there - aka shopping heaven!! However, the Rebecca Taylor site always has some really good sales as well! Right now - she has some great deals going on AND you can use the code RTEXTRA25 for an ADDITIONAL 25% off! I will list prices below without the sale included!

I simply could not resist and ordered these 2 babies for myself! I went the practical route with an LBD - I actually bought the blue dress pictured in black but I must have taken the last one because the black is sold out now! I thought the red flowered print dress would be perfect for my birthday dinner with my family next week.
1. Strappy Back Dress (also comes in a rose color) - $94

Here are my other picks from the sale! Let me know if you end up buying anything!

2. Faux-Wrap Cami Dress (also comes in a yellow) - $118
4.  Sequin Dress (also comes in a bronze) - $134
6. Corset Gown in Peony (also comes in black and coral) - $190
7. Eyelit Slip Dress in Denim (also comes in a grey) - $158

Don't you love a good deal? 


  1. those!!! I need to check out that website ASAP :)

  2. ahhhh i really like the one with the leather top!! Maybe worth?!