Monday, January 4, 2010

It's 2010!


I hope everyone had a fabulous and wonderful new years! My new years was great - spent in Charlotte, NC with my wonderful friends Monica, Caitlin, and Sonia! Unfortunately, the day before new years I did something terrible! I went to dinner with my dad and Mon and had around three glasses of red wine - after dinner we went home and I still felt congested and sick so stupid me decided to take Nyquil followed by Theraflu.. needless to say - that was not a good idea and I ended up getting incredibly sick :( I was extremely nauseous and had a stomach ache all of new years eve and the following days - it really sucked but Pepto and Alka-Seltzer helped a lot and I was still able to enjoy Charlotte with my friends. We partied at the Epicentre and in Downtown Charlotte, ate at some good restaurants, played guitar, and shopped a little as well. I'm kind of happy to be back to reality.. really need to clean out my closet and start working out every day again - I have been so lazy during the Holidays! Anyways - as always - here are some pictures to share.

condo elevator pic.. we would!

Me and Mon at The Palm

Happy New Years Eve!

Mon and me in our vintage dresses

full outfit pic.. my sparkly shoes are Charlotte Russe (!!)

twin sandwich!

bathroom pic! (Bud Light was the only drink that didn't make me nauseous lol)

New Years Day on Friday aka CRAZY NIGHT

mon, me, and caitlin

caitlin and I at my fave sushi place in Charlotte - Enso

Happy New Year to all - Best Wishes to make 2010 the BEST YEAR EVER. I know I already started on my resolutions. God Bless

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  1. you are pretty damn fabulous! Love the vintage dress! GREAT find!