Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Thursday Everyone! :)

A typical me pose!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone has been having a fabulous week. I had a wonderful weekend with my friends! Monica came to visit me and we had a blast. I have always wanted to take her to Athens, GA where UGA is and I finally got to take her! Athens is notorious for being crazy.. definitely one of my favorite places to go and party. What scares me is that I feel so much older than everyone there now.. I don't want to ever be past the "Athens" stage! lol. Anyways, we got to see my friends Jake and Hammy! We started off with some drinks at Outback (the delicious Wallabie-Damned) and ending up drinking bud lights (as usual). Here are some pics from Athens...

me and Jake.. lovely trash-can in the back.. it clashes with our outfits :(
I wore a vintage top (mon's actually), with a free people black tube skirt and report signature black booties
isn't Jake so hot? when we met Kim Zolciak she was all over him!

me and moni! Mon is wearing an erin wasson velvet dress, vintage beaded jacket, and chloe sevigny for opening ceremony shoes (they are amazing!)

this time Jake was unfortunately, not Kim Zolciak

mon, me and my friend hammy!

time for funny car pics.. of course!

jake trying to febreeze me :( lol

don't even know..

us at the bar - with my lovely pal phillip (funniest person alive)

me and phillip! I love him!

me and monana!

scene of the crime.. we got into a fight and our comeback was: go back to the arctic ocean.. lol
typical pamonanad pose

Saturday was spent doing nothing. Hammy came back to ATL with us and we had a quick dinner at Luciano's before meeting up with my friend Stacy at the buckhead bar East Andrews.

it was sparkly beret time.. mon and me

me and hammy

fountain pic...

high school buddies! stacy's adorable dress is free people..

being silly

?? lol

fun night!

Stacy's friend Steve drove my car back to Stacy's house where we were all staying and somehow in this process my poor friend Stacy broke her hand!! We think but don't really remember that she slammed her hand on my door! She ended up getting x-rays done the next morning and finding out that it was indeed broken! :(

Apart from Stacy's news, me and Mon did some light shopping at Lenox and Phipps.. didn't really find that much except this adorable free people velvet tube skirt on major sale

After shopping, me and Mon had another dinner at Lucanio's with Stacy and her broken hand and my cousin and her friend. After we watched It Takes Two at my house drinking some wine. On Monday, I took my friend Sergio out for his birthday to Repast in Atlanta.. WOW! It was amazing. The food was out of this world. So different yet so yummy!

mon and me drinking some fig martinis

me and sergio! with our dessert sampler - so good! the best was the Olive Oil Cake

I really want to take my parents to that restaurant I know they would love it. So on Tuesday I decided to go to the doctors because I had been feeling sick for too long and was starting to get very irritated eyes. Turns out I have pink eye and a sinus and ear infection, as well as bad allergies. I am stuck taking 5 prescriptions right now. But life must go on. I have my GMAT class every tuesday and thursday from 7-10 pm. It takes a lot of energy to go to work the whole day then drive to Atl and go to class but it must be done.

I have good news though. I have been presented with an exciting job opportunity in Mexico. Do not want to jinx it but I would appreciate good and positive thoughts my way. I will keep y'all updated. I am going to Mexico City next Friday and will be there until the following Wednesday.. wish me luck!

This weekend will be a relaxing one for me. I am my cousin Karen's confirmation sponsor on Saturday and that is the only thing I have to do all weekend. Really need to put my christmas tree away (yes.. I know) and clean clean clean my room - it's a mess! Need to take more pictures for e-bay as well.



  1. Greta outfits! I love the all. Nd you always look like you have so much fun things going on! And you totally look like Miley Cyrus in that first pic! lol

  2. thanks amber!! I do have a lot of fun with my crazy friends :) HAHA ppl have actually said that to me before. I can kind of see it in the first picture!