Friday, June 13, 2014


Happy Friday! I was thinking to myself yesterday how much I miss blogging and I figured I might as well I write a little update post on my life lately! Things are getting started with my web designer for my new website and I am so excited. I can't wait to start sharing more! Life for me has been busy (as always), but this is also not travel season for me so I love that! I have been enjoying spending time in Charlotte and working at the office like a normal person. I have also made some amazing friends that I love to hang out with through a blogging group in Charlotte - The Charlotte Social - Steph from The Lady Olive, Colleen from The Style Heist, and Bri from Just Bri :) It's crazy how blogging can be the gateway to making some wonderful friends. 

These past few months have been jam packed with a lot of traveling and working so here are a few pictures of my recent adventures :) 
 photo ONE_zpsc2e01df6.png
1. One of my best friends ever Erin is getting married in October and I went to her engagement party in Connecticut! So excited for the wedding :)
2. Moni, Caity, Sonu and me at the engagement party! We are all bridesmaids :)
3. My sister Natalie and me at my BFF Mon's baby shower
4. Mon, me and Sonu at her baby shower - it was the most beautiful shower ever! A mini wedding
5. NYC views from my market visit for work last month
6. Colleen (The Style Heist) and me at our friend Ashley's house
7. Chloe with her favorite toy... socks
8. Selfie selfie selfie
 photo TWO_zps9c2fec52.png
These are all pictures from my amazing trip to Monterrey, Mexico. Both of my parents are from there and I had not been in 7 years! It is the most beautiful city and I had the best time getting to see my family. My cousin Adrian got married and we went for the wedding! I got to see some of my friends who live there as well. It was such a great vacation! If you ever get the opportunity to visit Monterrey, you will not regret it.

I have SO MANY exciting things coming up in the next months. It's my sister's birthday this weekend as well as father's day so we have a lot of fun activities planned. In a few short weeks, we are taking a family vacation to Europe! I am so excited! We haven't been there as a family since 2000 so we are definitely due for a trip. My youngest sister is currently studying in Paris so we are picking her up and going to London & Spain! If you follow me on YouTube, I am planning on vlogging during the whole experience!!! My BFF is also set to have her baby in the next month and I cannot wait to meet my baby niece! I am going to spoil her rotten. My sister and I are also moving into a new apartment in August. I can't wait to move - the apartment complex is brand new and has amazing amenities! So much going on and I WILL be launching my new website in the midst of everything! :)

Keep up with me in the meantime on Instagram, Twitter & FB :) I am also always pinning up a storm! Also - I have been posting lots of videos on my YouTube channel! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! Love you all :)


  1. So many amazing things coming up for you hun! Can't wait to see your Europe recap.. have an AMAZING trip! <3

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