Monday, April 7, 2014

Where have I been?

Happy Monday to all of my readers.. if I even have any left after this crazy blogging hiatus/weird phase for Yes it is, Kevin. I have been completely overwhelmed with work and traveling as well as planning my near future and making career decisions that have been pretty stressful. Everything is great with me, and I have still been consistent with making YouTube videos.. making beauty videos is so much fun for me and I enjoy it SO MUCH! I feel like I have found a great platform to express my love of all things beauty, fashion and more. I have been blogging for years and I have always enjoyed it, but lately, YouTube has taken over as my creative passion! I have plans to do a complete revamp of this little blog really soon! I plan on adding more detailed beauty reviews, outfit posts, healthy lifestyle updates, and more! In the meantime, you can stay up to date with me on Twitter & Instagram. I am on both daily!! :)

I wanted to share some recent pictures and outfits as well! :) 

 photo yes_zpsb566ac42.png

Disneyland with my friend Haley while I was in LA | reunited with my friend Heather while she was visiting Charlotte | cuddles with Chloe | Filming with my sister Natalie | Fresh hair thanks to my loves at Alchemy: the workshop (my favorite salon in Charlotte) | Dinner selfie with my sister Steph while I was in Atlanta this weekend

 photo f75eb0a2bc5011e3842b12030377bb19_8_zpsfb076fbe.jpg

Outfit from this weekend: Anthropologie Dress (on sale!), Madewell Booties, Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in Rose Gold, Ellandemm Evil Eye necklace, Henri Bendel Y necklace in rose gold 

 photo 226708c2bd2c11e3bd931202186d067a_8_zpsa9d63166.jpg

Dinner at my family's steakhouse - Pampas Steakhouse in Alpharetta, GA (THE BEST!) 

 photo 0c6bec38be7911e381281235f3ff7a32_8_zps69b2bb67.jpg

Got my Ellandemm "Kingsley" necklace - cannot wait to wear it with everything. 

 photo aa511ed2be8311e3b07a0002c9ce757a_8_zps1742b784.jpg


  1. Missed you around these parts gurlie! Super jealous you went to Disney Land, I'm at Disney World all the time but have never been to the original :)

  2. I've missed your blog but I'm glad I have Twitter/Insta to keep up with your travels. I love living vicariously through you!

  3. Love the anthrologie dress! How do you find the fit?