Monday, February 17, 2014

Catch Up!

Hello my loves! I have been blog MIA for many reasons... first and foremost, exactly one week ago, my family and I put down our lovely amazing doggie Coco. Coco was almost 14 and she had a very long amazing life filled with so much love. She was the cuddliest, cutest, most beautiful baby ever and we are going to miss her so much. Coco had been in pain for a few years due to back/neck issues and she had had 2 surgeries for her spine. She was barely walking and you could just see that she was not happy anymore. To add to that, she went completely blind in early January. It was the hardest thing we have gone through as a family so far. Especially for my younger sister Stephanie who had grown up with Coco since she was 8. However, I know we have to remember the 14 amazing years that we we were all able to enjoy with her. I know she is up in doggy heaven chasing squirrels and eating as much bacon as she wants to! I got the sweetest messages on instagram so thank you so much for your kind words, it meant a lot to me and made me smile all through last week.

Rest in Peace Coco Sanchez! We love you!
 photo COCO_zps2f1d0873.png
My last picture with Coco
 photo f6b2e4c8927711e396e012b28c1db084_8_zps39a4ab02.jpg

Coco spent her entire life alongside Simba, our oldest dog who is 15 and is the sweetest dog around. We did not want to leave him alone in our house in GA since my parents are always traveling, so my sister and I moved Simba in with us! I think he is adjusting pretty well. It's been a bit of an adjustment, but we did not want him to be alone after loosing Coco. So far, so good! 
 photo b8160bf096af11e38e0212d7efde5aee_8_zps45bac7ee.jpg

Last week, I headed to Miami for a market visit and due to the snowpocalypse that occurred last week, I was stuck there till Friday. I know there are much worse places to get stuck, but I literally had no summer clothing with me and Miami was boiling hot! We ended up having to move hotels three times and it was just annoying not being able to get home. However, I did get to see my friend Heather who recently moved down there and our friend Sara was there too so we were all able to see each other!

Not a bad view from Univision Miami offices
 photo c446d06a935a11e3a0f30e2ec771c42e_8_zpsc6b3c6eb.jpg

Art District Miami
 photo c4cedc90938b11e3963012d1ead7053e_8_zpsf3c50239.jpg

I spent half my Valentine's day at the Miami Airport - the airport was crazy with all the cancelled flights! Luckily, we were only delayed about an hour and I got back to snowy Charlotte on Friday late afternoon. I headed to pick up essentials - aka wine. I honestly did not even acknowledge that it was Valentine's day. It is my least favorite holiday and wish it didn't exist.
 photo af59962c95dc11e3b1221253de0787ee_8_zps7b00389d.jpg

Saturday, I went shopping a little bit and hit up my new favorite spot - the Origins store! I have been getting more and more obsessed with their products lately and this mask was one of the items I got. My skin felt AMAZING after! Esp after a week without all of my proper skincare and weird weather, it was just what I needed :)
Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask
 photo c0d6d8e696b411e3b1d912b0e6f8efff_8_zps79026daa.jpg

I have a busy week ahead of me and I leave for Chicago on Thursday for my first grad school interview!! AH. Wish me luck! I hope you all have a great week!! :) xo


  1. I couldn't agree with you more about Valentines Day... I'm not a big fan of it and we hadn't really celebrated it in a couple years, but we decided to have somewhat of a mini celebration at home this year. I'm all set with the jewelry, cards, flowers, candy, and dining out on v-day. It's craziness!

    Looks like you had a great trip, and I'm glad you weren't delayed too bad with all the yucky weather.

    And I'm so so sorry to hear about Coco, I can't imagine how you all feel right now *hugs* but enjoy your new addition Simba.. such a cute name!!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Coco. Loosing pets are seriously the same as loosing family members. The last of the dogs my family had growing up passed away about 4 years ago after 17 years and I still look for them when I visit my dads house only to remember they are no longer there. That is so sweet that you guys moved Simba so he didn't have to be alone.

  3. I'm so sorry about Coco, losing a pet is so hard they really are family members! Good Luck with your interview, you are going to be amazing!!!

    Five Minute Style