Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Even though it is only a four day work week - it seems to be going slow - maybe its because of the horrible weather Charlotte has been having! We had quite the hectic day at work yesterday but a day that started off badly ended up well - we ended up having an amazing meeting with one of our HUGE  national clients! Yay! Also - I forgot to take a picture but I had the BEST grilled squid salad at a Thai restaurant for lunch - yum!

I wanted to share something exciting for me career wise! I was chosen to be a panelist for the Charlotte Observer during the Democratic National Convention - so everyday, I have been giving my opinion on a separate issue. My last one is today, I am kind of sad - it is definitely exciting to see my name and picture in the paper and also online! (online doesn't have my picture) - You can find my opinions so far HERE, HERE & HERE! :) 


sisters after a long day at work! 

some new goodies! 

 stay tuned for my august beauty favorites video later on (if youtube decides to stop being a little biotch) 

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  1. Well look at you being all fancy and smart in the newspaper. You go girl!