Friday, September 7, 2012



I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! So happy it is Friday - even though I really do not have any plans except spending time with the family - sometimes those turn out to be the best weekends! 

Today was my last day as a panelist for the Charlotte Observer - the last question was pretty easy but we all answered the same thing! LOL - You can read it here if you are interested :) Since I do work for a media company - I had a press pass for the stadium yesterday but since Obama's speech was moved from the Panther's stadium to inside of TWC arena - I couldn't go :( I would have had to be there at like 3 PM to get in & I didn't end up leaving the office until 7 so that definitely did not work. Fortunately - HD CNN does exist and we watched everything in our living room - no crowds, no rain, no standing & most importantly - go to watch it with some wine and in PJs! 

I definitely do not want to get into politics on my blog - it is pretty clear if you follow me on instagram/twitter on who I will be voting for but for me - the most important thing is to VOTE! It is our right and our RESPONSIBILITY as americans to go out there and exercise our rights that MANY people on this planet do not have! :) 

my unused press pass :( 

chloe with her sick eye :( 

my sister and chloe

Well - youtube has not been letting me finish an upload :( hopefully it is just the internet connection - I will try tonight at home and see if it works! 


  1. oh that is too bad that you weren't able to go!
    And yes, you are right! It is very important that we vote! This is the first year I will get to vote ;)/
    I like your blog and I will be back to see some more posts from you!!
    Can't wait!
    have a great rest of your weekend ;)