Friday, March 23, 2012

My week so far in INSTAGRAM!

Happy Friday to all! Hope you all have a great weekend :) WHO ELSE IS SOOOO EXCITED FOR THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE??? I am soooo ready for it!! This weekend, my cousin is coming into town and we have some fun things planned including watching the movie! Yayyy!

This is so my jam right now - anyone agree?

My friends Erin and Lenny stayed until Tuesday afternoon and on Monday, Lenny really wanted to try some authentic southern BBQ, so we headed over to Mac's Speed Shop - it was actually really good!! I am not a huge BBQ person but I had the roasted chicken and it was so yummy. Also - the drafts were 50% off - can't beat 2 good beers for $4.50!!

Made a good dinner on Tuesday - grilled tilapia, brown rice, steamed veggies

New Shellac Mani + starbucks!

Getting sweaty at the gym - interval training makes me die

IDK what it is buy my hair has been SO dry lately - I ended up sleeping with my favorite hair mask on - I know I have recommended this mask before on the blog but it really is amazing and definitely gives results - I stock up on Amazon because it is so much cheaper there!
Macademia Oil Deep Repair Mask
Macademia Oil Healing Spray
I have also been using the healing oil spray - but just warning - a little goes a LONG way with this product. I slept with both of these products in a high bun and just rinsed them out this morning - my hair feels SO soft and refreshed! yay!

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happy weekend to all!

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  1. Oooo your shellac mani looks awesome!! Next time I am totally trying the sparkles on the ring finger - its so pretty! I'm seeing the Hunger Games tonight too - have fun!!