Thursday, April 22, 2010

On my way to California!

I am currently up in the air on my way to California! Going to visit my little sister Natalie who goes to school in San Jose but we will be going to San Fran as well. Cannot wait! So much has gone down these past few weeks of my life. First of all, life without an iPhone really sucks! It shows me how much I depend on the internet/twitter and mindless things like that but I miss it so much! Also, more than likely, I will no longer be taking the job in Mexico for many reasons. One being the fact that Mexico is very dangerous right now... Instead, I am beginning to apply to graduate schools for my MBA.. Going to check out some schools this weekend. Hoping to start in the fall and I think I hear California calling my name.

Can't wait for pink berry, in-n-out, gorgeous weather and of course spending some time with my lovely sister Naty :)

still have some pictures to post from my weekend in Charlotte but my computer is about to die!

a quick recent purchase = not this exact dress SJP wore but the XOXO version - buy it here

Have an amazing weekend everyone!! :)

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