Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Update: Luciano's Party, Sleep & a Mexican Festival

HOW is it Monday again? Even crazier - how is it MAY on Wednesday? Time sure flies when you're... working! Haha and having fun too :) I had a great weekend with Jimmy and my sister - we had the Luciano's party on Friday night! We had a BLAST and did not end up sleeping till almost 5 AM! Saturday was super chill with brunch and me sleeping from 4 PM - 11PM. Sunday, my sister and I woke up super early and worked at our festival until we had to stop it due to the rain. Today is the official opening day for Luciano's Charlotte! So excited! I was there during lunch and will be again during dinner! Wish us luck on our first day!! Tomorrow - I am off to a work trip to Detroit and then Chicago! I am excited because we have some great meetings lined up, and who doesn't want to have a trip in Chicago? Wanted to share my weekend pics & sorry for the overload!! 
 photo dffwefwef_zpsf9dfebd9.png

My Outfit: Madewell Dress, DV by Dolce Vita "Pica" Shoes and a necklace from a San Jose, CA boutique - Ibiss. My lipstick was Mac's Amplified 
 photo c1766562aee011e2b8f122000a1f9345_7_zpsab2fcb64.jpg

  photo efwefwefwef_zpsca2dde53.png

 photo wefwefwefwef_zpsb593d968.png

 photo afafwefewf_zps1f2fe489.png
Linking up with the lovely Sami for the weekend update!! :) 

I hope you all have great weeks!!


  1. All you girls looked amazing at the weekend! Good Luck with the new restaurant, the food looks delicious you posted!


    Five Minute Style 

  2. Aww looks like fun, love that dress and lipstick on you!

  3. You look fabulous as always and good luck with the restaurant opening :)