Friday, January 14, 2011

back to december...

hello friends! I have been majorly lacking in the blog department, but I am not giving up! I spent the holidays back in good old GA and had the most wonderful time with my family and my best friend Jimmy came for christmas - it was overall one of the best christmases ever! And then I got to spend new years with mon and her bf ben in charlotte - so fun! Santa was very good to me... my favorite gift was the LV Neverfull GM in the Damier Ebene Canvas.. haven't used another bag since I got it!

jimmy and me (with my new bag!)

my sisters and I on christmas
(I am wearing a Robert Rodriguez dress from 2 years ago)

my mom, sisters, and I on x-mas at our granparent's house

me and my cousin addy!

me and jimmy <3 best friends foreva

mon and me on new years!

My weekends are now consisted of grad school applications, but I promise to be updating more!

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